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Platoon mates needed for LT-15

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I'm going to take a crack at LT-15 for the T-55a tonight, and find myself in need of  platoon mates as Pibblecock is ded.  


Specifically, I'm looking for someone with high tier TD's or arty (TD's preferable) to blow the bejezus out of those whom my gaze falls upon.  

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If only I could have a match like this old one in my T34.  


I have discovered WoT's next best top scout tank, and it comes in an "unusual" form factor.  


Whereas  scout tanks are usually small, fast, and lightly armored, this new beast  weighs a hefty 65 tons and has a 35 KPH top speed limit.  

Still, this does not prevent the T34 from fulfilling its job as a scout tank, as is evidenced by this match on South Cost.  


7,652 assist damage

3,220 damage blocked 

Ace tanker with only 1400 damage




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I can't help you with that, but if you just run around in random battles asking whether any high tier TDs or SPGs are interested in a platoon, you might see some people who are. And it's not just the lower skill players who are willing, I've seen plenty of smurfs and teals say 'sure'. 

Good luck with the missions. 

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