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French premium ship

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Saw an interesting tidbit on TAP today. Not sure how widely-spread this info is, but today was the first I'd heard of it.

From The Armored Patrol:

"In other news, there were some speculations over on the French forums about the upcoming French premium ship.

Tanatoy explained that the ship has already been decided upon for some time (they have already visited archives to collect data) and that, according to him, it will please everyone. To learn more about it, we’ll have to wait a few months.

GASOVER also said that it will apparently be a low-tier ship.

Let the guessing game begin :hiding:"




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29 minutes ago, Rodrigopine said:

So you're saying the ship comes pre-scuttled for every match? :)


And they said there wouldn't be subs in WoWS....

Sneaky WG.

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I fully expect them to be more effective fighting in reverse while making a tactical retreat. Sailing Stern forward may become the norm................

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