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[NA] Sold my main due to family death

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Alcohol related QQ, not platoon related:



I think I found my ex on the internet:


1,5 years of living with that, it was so bad I have flashbacks and anxiety. The last time I visited Rotterdam I had to leave a restaurant because the alcohol smell was just so familiar and it triggered the hell out of me. I don't go out anymore. Watching him slowly ruining his life, and mine, one glass at a time. The worst part is that I was the one in hell since I wasn't drinking through his drinking and abuse. But I guess you just wanted attention around your drinking without having to really adress it, so.. I dunno, I guess I in some way tried to care because it's something that became important to me, but I realise there is no point to it, I'll go back in my cave.

Best of luck anyway, I hope you get some clarity at some point and that you aren't heading in the same direction. I just can't stand people flashing their alcohol issues around like it's something casual. It's not, I fucking hate it with a passion.



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