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Tier 4 balance is atrocious

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Disclosure: I swapped to EU a few weeks back so I'm grinding down the lines all over again.  Came in after learning a lot from playing on NA but most of my EU time has been post 0.13 (which I think factors some into what I'm seeing).

It's been a rough last few days so I looked closer at my win rates.  Combining my tier 3 and 5 vehicles I come out a full 10% higher in win rate at those tiers than when looking at just my tier 4s (55% vs 45%).  Per the disclosure above EU during prime time has a healthy enough population where games are full and almost always same tier.

The issue seems pretty clear to me - the Zhalo, and the Pac 90 to a lesser degree, completely dominate tier 4.  If you're not in one of them you're just target practice to whoever has a clue and is.  High dpm TDs that can effectively spot for themselves.  Both are premiums as well, effectively making that tier P2W which pisses me off to no end (the fanboys love to think this game isn't).

Yes, PvE is an alternative route to grind out vehicles but it's so mind-numbingly boring I have zero desire.

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That works wonders for MBTs I hear.

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Just now, Illy said:

That works wonders for MBTs I hear.

ah jeez, didn't saw it was AW lmao sorry mate will remove


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AW would be great if it wasn't for so many small issues it has...
1. Shot delay
2. Foliage that doesn't do anything, useless foliage should have an option to be disabled completely
3. Pixel size MBT weak spots
4. T6/7 are in a very bad spot vs higher tier MBTs

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Someone asks a serious question and all people can come up with is "lel i thought AW deded Kappa", thats pretty sad.


@OP: I agree. the Zhalo and AMX are too strong for their tier, personally I had a bit less of a problem with it, but you do kinda have to play around it and avoid them.



  1. happens only for some people
  2. is plain wrong, they are just less OP than in WoT
  3. has been changed in 0.14, weakspots are now more reliable
  4. has vastly improved since the rear and rear side armour nerfs, trackwheel nerfs, hatch and weakspot nerfs
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