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LF Seamen & Seacums to Division With: Morning Edition

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Hi, I'm looking for division mates to drag down and steal sea salt from between the hours of 8am PST to Noon on most weekdays.

I prefer silent toons especially so since it increases my loading time exponentially. I usually load in maybe 15 seconds after match start though it can be higher given my luck, just so you know.

I'm most sucessful in CV's & DD's as of late though I feel I still lots to learn. Tier 6 is my maximum tier and I'm going for higher tiers slowly. I'll be more than happy to roll CV's/DD's for your AA spec Cleveland or act as fleet magician to make your fat ass BB dissapear behind smoke both by request and my own compulsion.

My ships: 

Tier 3: Wickes

Tier 4: Clemson, Hosho, Fuck you Karlsruhe

Tier 5: Kongo, Konigsberg

Tier 6: Ryujo

"Probably" more ships to come^

> Has 57% w/r mostly by Hosho seal clubbing for 200 battles?

Thank you for your consideration.


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