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Looking for some help I'm stuck in a rut

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I'm a new player (3.5k-4k battles first account) I'm in a rut and unfortunately patients has never been one of my qualities over all as a person. I've learned so far by watching some of my clan members. But now I'm stuck I'm not getting any better or worse. I need some help please. NA server player.

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No.1 don't expect to go from zero to hero overnight, it just doesn't happen. I'm 13k in games and a still basically a scrub :P

No2. Get knowledge about tank amour profiles, weakspots, penetration, best type of ammo (what normalisation is etc) for specific situations.

no3. Focus on winning not wn8

no4. Don't be in any hurry to rush to t10 but don't hang around tiers 1-4 for too long (t6 and t8 are great places to learn, I find the t10 meta to be vastly different)

no6. Watch some YouTube/twitch try to understand why the person is doing what they are doing, chances are they are reacting to a very specific set of circumstances. Don't just copycat positions if you aren't sure why you should be there.

no7. Play, have fun, you will learn

no8. Stop taking advice from a muppet like me and find someone who really knows what they are talking about :P

Edit: turns out I can't speak my native language

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Definitely watch streams that this site suggests.  Get to know the tanks, and get to know the maps.  Know where the good positions are, but don't stubbornly stick to them if the battle dictates not to.  For me, I improved the most by soloing instead of platooning.  Carefully watch the minimap; if you notice that very few people are going to one flank, don't follow them to your death thinking that "this flank needs help".  Know when to tactically retreat.  Also, I found picking one tank and sticking to it for 10+ games in a row forces me to play better as opposed to playing one different tank every single game.  Don't get discouraged if you have a bad game.  Analyze what you did wrong and try to recognize it if you find yourself about to do it again in the future.  Keep your gun active, but get out of any disadvantageous situation (outnumbered, no good place to quickly retreat to)

These are the sorts of things that got me from a green player to an almost-light purple player.

Never get discouraged.  Even the best players have bad sessions.

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