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Arty 2.0 = Copperhead laser guided 155 shells and tactical nukes 

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Doing WoT2.0 would also allow WG try all new things they are too afraid to try in old WoT. WoT is their big moneymaker and WG just cannot risk anything with it, probably reason wot development is soo damn slow.

But yes modern tanks are often more boring than WW2, especially heavy/mediums (MBT in modern times) are all mostly same. Though what comes to lights there is pretty lot different vehicles available in AW. But there would be lot more in WW2 too if WG would add wheeled vehicles in game, thats where AW gets lot of variation from.

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One of the reasons AW's such a massive failure (for some people, myself included) is how you basically end up grinding the same MBT/different version for several tiers. 

I really doubt WG would take such route. So if tanks like the IS-7, Chieftain and M60 are Tier 5 in AW... how many tier could possibly WoT 2.0 have?

This is why I think (and hope) it's designed as an extension of the current game. Dividing the player base between two tank games makes no sense.

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On 16.4.2016 at 9:09 AM, leggasiini said:

So AW is basically a WoT clone with modarn tenks and now WG is making a AW clone? All we need is AW 0.5 that is about post WW1 - 60/70s tanks, and WT GF 2.0 that is about "realietic" battles of modern tanks. :doge:

I dont know what to say. If its end up being exactly like WoT but with moder tanks (and skycancer and some other problems fixed) then i might try it. I dont think that WG should extend tier 10. Here is why

1. Tier XI tanks would cost extremely massive values of XP. If Tier X costs about 180k - 300k XP, then i would expect tier XIs to cost around 300k - 500k XP. Since Xs doesnt have stock grinds (most of them) i would expect costs to be even higher. Credit wise, ~9 million. Not to mention repair costs. And thats just tier XI. Stuff like Abrams are definely too powerful for tier XI. For comparison, tier 8 - 10 equals tier 1 - 4 in AW. I feel like that even earliest variants of Abrams would be around tier XIII or XIV. There you would expect XP cost to be 1 - 1.5 million and credit cost around 20 million. Repair cost alone would be 100k if repair cost increases linearly. 

2. Finding continuation for tank lines. Some tank branches could easily continue. T-62A would lead to T-62 and that to T-72, for example. But what about German branches (expect Leo 1 branch)? What about JP Heavy branch? What about Czech line (TVP was last tonk designed by czechs, all others after that were Soviet tanks)? What about some TD lines? WG logically wants to have every branch a top tier.

1. I don't think there is necessary reason why tier 11+ tanks must be more expensive than tier 10. It could work just fine if the tier 11+ tanks had the same exp and credit cost as tier 10s. It is already a lot. The bigger issue is that grinding tier 11 tanks with tier 10 does not really work in the economy model. Tier 9s have been adjusted so that it still makes sense to grind the t10s with premium account but grinding tier 11s in your is7 or maus would need some more economy adjustments or not everyone could get into t11+ in reasonable amount of time

2. putting imaginery or paper tanks into the game has not been an issue for wg. Don't see how it would become an issue now.

The main issue is that it is kinda difficult to put modern mbt in the same game as e100s and such. It does kinda break the game a bit. Not gameplay-wise but thematically. Theme of wot is very specifically older tanks. Even if none of the tanks in wot are like they were in real life it still makes the game a bit odd if you have 40s and 50s supertenks fighting a against 60 years newer designs.

From hard balancing there really is no issue. Just take tier 10 and add more bouncyness and more pen and it's a tier 11. Do it again and it is tier 12. 

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Yeah the only way I see that WG could implement WoT 2.0 without having to split their WoT players is by adding modern tanks as an extension of the WoT that we have, except obviously you wouldn't be able to have these modern tanks be matched with the current tanks. Basically be like adding on a DLC.

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