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Same deal as usual.  I'll look at all the new HD models and point out the changes.  Lots of tanks get those little bumps for wheels removed when made HD, so I'll ignore that in most cases.  Too lazy to say how the tracks changed (as in they get gaps in them or something).  General size of the tank is ignored in most cases too.  I'll probably be less detailed on paper thin tanks in the future like I have this time.  

I have my little thoughts at the end of each list of tank changes.






•Vision slits no longer weakspots
•Raised area on engine deck removed

Verdict:  Still no armor, but at least it's slightly less likely to get hit.



•Driver hatch is no longer a weakspot (+10mm)
•Vision slits no longer weakspots
•Hull floor buffed to 25mm (+15mm)
•UFP buffed to 58° (+1°)
•LFP nerfed to 29° (-7°)
•Rear side hull by engine deck no longer sloped (-33°)

•Turret shape is now more like a T-26 than early T-34-76 (less flat from front)
•Door weakspot on turret rear removed (+5mm)
•Tiny 0 armor hole for MG removed
•0 armor hole for gun looks slightly wider

Verdict:  Between the better turret shape and fewer UFP weakspots, I'd call it a buff




•Hull is the same as BT-7 art now
•Side hull mostly buffed to 19mm (+4mm)
•Hull extensions for front wheels removed

Verdict: Armor is still not there, but can autobounce 57mm shots from the side now instead of only 45mm.  The hull extensions for the front wheel were of notable size as well.  Buff.



•Driver hatch is no longer thicker than UFP (-20mm)
•Spaced armor on hull side for engine removed

Verdict:  Certainly a nerf, but the T-80 never really relied on armor much in the first place



•Driver hatch and other 42mm UFP spot same thickness as UFP (-17mm)
•UFP angled nerfed to 59° (-1°)

Verdict:  Same deal as T-80



•Tracks add armor to UFP (+10mm)
•UFP and LFP fixed to 60° (was 58°-61°)

Verdict:  It'll feel the same, but kind of a buff I guess



•Vision slits no longer weakspots
•Front hull beak is rounded instead of flat
•Beak buffed to 100mm (+25mm)
•UFP/LFP angles buffed to 55°/48° (+3°/ +2°)
•Hull rear reworked.  Overall will feel the same

•Stock turret rear is buffed to 80mm (+20mm)
•Stock turret roof buffed to 30mm (+10mm)
•Stock turret cupola is now 60mm on sloped parts (-20mm)
•0 armor hole behind mantlet is a bit bigger
•Stock turret mantlet nerfed to 80mm (-10mm)

•Top turret mantlet slightly reshaped (buff)
•0 armor hole behind mantlet is much larger
•Top turret turret ring is smaller target

Verdict:  Turret nerf, hull buff.  Probably slight nerf overall, but mostly from mantlet 0 armor holes.



•Beak removed
•LFP and shoulders nerfed to 80mm (-20mm)
•UFP/LFP changed to 51°/55° (+3°/-11°)
•Rangefinder tumor is more compact
•Rangefinder tumor front nerfed to 100mm (-20mm)
•Hull side behind tracks nerfed to 60mm (-20mm)
•Hull floor side slopes nerfed to 20mm (-10mm)
•Rear of superstructure nerfed to 30mm (-15mm)

•Mantlet area reworked
•Mantlet is a bit smaller, but tougher
•0 armor hole behind mantlet noticeably larger
•Housing roof top buffed to 30mm (+10mm)
•Housing top is much larger

Verdict: The mantlet does look a little tougher, but that's likely offset by it being smaller, larger 0 armor hole, and other stuff being weaker to varying degrees.  Nerf


Object 430

•UFP/LFP angles buffed to 60°/55° (+1°/+1°)
•"Edges" of UFP are larger, adding two relatively flat 120mm spots to front
•No overmatch spot on LFP now
•Hull floor side slopes angle nerfed to 29° (was 38°)
•Upper hull side slopes buffed to 48°-51° (was 37°-48°)
•Hull roof is 16mm now, instead of just the engine deck (-24mm)

•Turret rear is mostly 63mm
Turret is harder to overmatch from the front (both on cupolas and roof)
•Tank manages to be even smaller

Verdict: Buff.  Hull roof is now vulnerable to stuff smaller than 122mm overmatching it, but the new size, smaller overmatch spots on turret, and improved side slope result in a buff.




Germany (this text won't bold for some reason :rngfu:)




Pz 38 (t)

•Look at the LT vz. 38, then put spare tracks on it that add 5mm.

Verdict: Buff.  Protects a lot better against autocannons and has a 50mm thick elite turret instead of 25mm or less.



VK 30.01 (P)

•Hatches and vision slits removed as weakspots
•Driver's port no longer creates 115mm armor zone (-30mm)

•Stock turret roof nerfed to 25mm (-15mm)
•Change to stock turret front is a nerf
•Stock turret cupola shape changed with 95mm middle area (+15mm)

•Top turret cupola style changed
•Top turret cupola is 95mm and slightly larger (+13mm)

•Top turret roof nerfed from 28mm to 25mm (-3mm)
•Top turret mantlet 0 armor hole is larger
•Top turret mantlet armor layout is same as stock Tiger P
•Top turret armor behind mantlet is now 100mm (+35mm)
•Top turret roof has bump added through the middle

Verdict: Stock turret is worse for sure.  Top turret is probably worse, but that style of turret is such a clusterfuck of different thicknesses it's hard to tell.  Missing the driver's port strongspot sucks, but the tons of other weakspots won't be missed.  It's a mixed bag, possibly leaning towards nerf I think.







T1 Cunningham

•9.5mm sideskirts added
•Everything but the mantlet, turret front, and hull front is now 6.3mm.

Verdict:  Have fun no longer being able to autobounce 20mm rounds.



•UFP nerfed to 12.7mm (-9.1mm)
•LFP and upper side hull nerfed to 12.7mm (-6.3mm)
•Stock turret is not 19mm all around (was 21mm fron, 13mm elsewhere)

Verdict: weaker to Pz I C and HE



•35.8mm hull roof in front of turret removed
•UFP/LFP angle buffed to 66°/55° (+1°/+3°)
•Front hull roof is now horizontal
•Engine deck reshaped some
•Hull side is much better sloped, up to 55°

•Turret ring is a bit larger
•No more flat 76.2mm spot under mantlet
•35.8mm bump on hull side for turret ring removed
•Turret model is basically the same as the M48A1, but with a paper turret ring and even bigger tumor
•WG is still bad at modeling and has the mantlet as being weaker than it should be

Verdict: Better, but likely not enough to notice.  Still a fatton.




The small countries





•Nothing much

Verdict: Nothing special


Chi-Nu Kai

•Some changes in the shape of stuff

Verdict: Basically the same



•"Turret" front nerfed to 30mm (-20.8mm)
•"Turret" sides and rear buffed to 30mm (+4.6mm)
•"Turret" roof nerfed to 10mm (-2.7mm)
•Small parts of front hull buffed to 60mm (+10mm)

•Verdict: Can't bully tier 3 tanks or resist HE as well anymore.  Nerf.


Type 62

•Turret armor layout tweaked
•Commander's cupola is somewhat smaller
•Turret side near the rear nerfed to 30mm (-5mm)
•UFP/LFP buffed to 59°/53° (+1°/+5°)

Verdict: Still shit armor



•Top turret and stock turret have same armor layout as Type 62

Verdict: While not the exact same, it's still got basically the same changes as the Type 62


Centurion Mk. I

•Beak removed from front hull
•spare tracks add 12.7mm to UFP
•UFP/LFP buffed to 57°/44° (+3°/+5°)
•Added 76.2mm spaced armor continuing off edges of LFP similar to other centurions

•Stock turret mantlet is all 127mm (was 152mm-76mm)
•More of stock turret roof is 25.4mm (-25.4mm)
•Side turret hatches and secondary gun mount no longer thinner than surrounding armor
•Stock turret cupola is smaller and more rounded
•Stock turret 0 armor hole behind mantlet is much less tall
•Minor changes to stock turret elsewhere

•Top turret mantlet gets wrecked
•Stock caernarvon turret is very similar to the new version

Verdict:  About as bad you expected


AMX 13 90

•Hull is same as AMX 13 57, but with +5mm armor on UFP from spare tracks
•Turret changes so it's similar to AMX 13 57 armor layout (nerf)

Verdict: Nerf since UFP or turret won't really troll bounce much anymore, but that's about it



I probably forgot some.  I didn't notice any changes to the StuG III

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Now if only WG would buff the centurions, say by giving them more historical maneuverability ala the CAX, to make up for how hard they got hit by the nerf bat. Now there was definitely a time when I simply couldn't see WG ever bothering to buff anything British, given that the CAX is afaik the only buff any British tank has ever had (and even then it took years). But next patch the Challenger is getting buffed, franky anything seems possible now.

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2 hours ago, Medjed said:

I just love how they keep nerfing already shit tanks and keep buffing already borderline OP tanks. All that by fucking accident called HD models. Hilarious.

In WGs logic if something is semiOP or OP, a little bit more OPness wont hurt anyone :doge:

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To be honest, most of these buffs and nerfs look to me just like WG bringing their models in line with how other HD tanks are modeled.  Like on the T-43 turret, the armor hole behind the mantlet on the SD model is a lot smaller than I'd expect from an HD model, and it's still better off than a T-34-85 when it goes HD too.  Most of the nerfs are things like making 0 armor holes more in line with how WG makes them now, or in the VK 30.01 (P)'s case, fixing a model from WG's ancient days where they gave 0 shits.  

The T-127 hull floor buff however was odd to see, and no longer gets autopenned there anymore when cresting hill.  Bishop armor nerf is questionable to me since all the online sites I've looked at agree with the old values, but I wouldn't trust any enough to say WG is wrong either.  Turret roof nerf on the VK 30.01 P stock turret is questionable to me too, since this plan here seems to suggest the thickness is closer to the rear armor in thickness (40mm) instead of the hull roof (26mm).



Otherwise, these area really fit into what I was expecting.  SU-122-54 got changed more than I expected, and I don't know if WG nerfed it extra hard or what.


M60 pic added to OP

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Clarification on the 1390 changes:

Is the 1390 changing to the 1357 hull or is it just an armor layout change. (Because I think they are completely different, could be crazy here)

If its a hull change, will camo get buffed? (or am I stupid and misreading that) 

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1 hour ago, snowdude21325 said:

Clarification on the 1390 changes:

Is the 1390 changing to the 1357 hull or is it just an armor layout change. (Because I think they are completely different, could be crazy here)

If its a hull change, will camo get buffed? (or am I stupid and misreading that) 

Just an armor change.  Instead of the whole UFP being 40mm, it gets a lot thinner like the armor on the 13 57 is.  Turret face also becomes 30mm instead of 40mm, with some of the flat parts on the turret front being 40mm still.

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This isn't right WG. You cant nerf my favorite T8 medium tank in the game.




  • Armor 76.2 / 50.8 / 38.1 ( 76 / 51 / 38 )

Turret Centurion Mk. I

  • Armor 127 / 76.2 / 76.2 ( 127 / 76 / 76 )

Turret Centurion Mk. III

  • Armor 152.4 / 88.9 / 88.9 ( 165 / 112 / 112 )

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12 hours ago, BlackAdder said:

I hope they add few spare tracks on T67, just for faster repair :serb:

Thank you for posting this, because I did just notice that it's more different than I thought (I honestly hardly gave it a look the first time).  It's about as weak though

Hull is now 12.7mm from all sides.  It used to be 21.8mm at the UFP and 19mm on the LFP and upper side hull.  Stock turret now has 19mm armor all around instead of 21.8mm front and 13mm sides.

Basically, it's weaker to Pz I C and HE now

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6 minutes ago, no_name_cro said:

I know, but this thing got smaller and armor got buffed. Seems like best brawler now to me.

IMO it already was. Funky angles, slightly better DPM for neglible loss in gun handling (whilst brawling).  

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On 23/04/2016 at 3:17 PM, Crossfader said:

i love how they buffed the T-127

Russian biased seal clubbing intensifies :disco:

Too bad low tiers on NA are a ghost town.

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