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"Where the hell is Never?"

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oh shit man, fair enough to you. I know that you've been away lately and haven't been online anywhere (I literally was looking for you hourly for over a week to tell you I hit 1K follows lol) 


but seriously, get well soon. your health>everything else

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Brah. You have done more than enough in bringing the community together. Take as much time as you need to get yourself sorted, we are all eagerly waiting for your return to health! 

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@Never Take as much time as you need. Health is number one priority, especially for those of us condemned to a sedentary existence by our work...

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Never, I dont know you but this is heartbreaking to read.
This site has much higher value to me than the game itself. 
I am still a green shitter probing the light blue level but without the lab I would probably
have stayed tomato red.
A virtual hug over the www and hopefully you get your health back, man, all the best



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Damn son, take all the time you need. It's not like we'll get the stuff if you're not alive m8 :doge:

Take care :happyfish:

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