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Cutest Twitch Stream for Improving at Tanks

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Hey! Long time no see guys,

So its been a while and hopefully not all of you have forgotten me ;_; but in the past few days ive gotten the urge to play tanks again so after a year and a half off i have returned. I've also decided to start streaming again while i shake off the rust and try to get to unicum. Currently in the first 30 games ive played i averaged 2k Wn8 so im not quite at the point i was before i quit but im still doing better than i thought i would.

If you want to learn, ask for tips and watch someone make the transition from blue to purple come tune in! I'll usually do analysis of my game after the fact and try to explain what I did right and what i could of done better. I should stream fairly often especially considering i'll be on summer break soon.

I appreciate every follow! 

My stream: https://www.twitch.tv/triffels

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14 hours ago, LudwigvonMises said:

Enable chat for all

Thank you!, idk why but for some reason my chat was in sub mode? i dont know how it got like that.


1 hour ago, ZXrage said:

Hey Sploofy, glad you're back and streaming, meng! I'll check out your stream if and when I'm not asleep by then :P


16 hours ago, UglyBigD said:

Glad to see I'm not the only seasonal wot player returning!

Its good to be back!

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