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Did I screw this up or just balanced?

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I think I did as well as I could right up until the end.  The HE I lobbed at the T34 was to annoy him into doing something else, turns out it worked.  All I can think of is I should have backed off the ARL in the end and just camped behind the hill.  When the T29 blew up I knew that shot was supposed to be for me, I guess I should have backed off there?  Or was this just cancer bullshit?  I guess I should have saved my repair kit for 1 second later.


T28 Prot arty.

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Hmm regarding the arty question. I hate arty and want it removed from this game as much as the next guy on this forum. However. Ever since you pulled out of the corner that you were playing at from the beginning arty has been riding your dick. Also what you should have noticed si that you and t29 were basiclly the only tanks spotted atm so there were no other targets they were focusing. Now even if i think arty is a broken mechanic that doesnt mean that you shouldnt take steps to avoid it as much as you can. In your case you should have driven to the rock in the middle of the hill climb and kill the ARL from that position. You would be more or less arty safe there and once you killed the ARL you would be able to drop the spot and go on with the battle.

As far as you doing well in the first part of the battle i have some pointers for you that i feel you should consider.

Firstly HE? lol, dont do that, you are just wasting 30sec reloading and doing like 100dmg. You can pen turret cheeks fo the t34 with apcr reliably.

Secondly ive noticed that every time you fire a gun you pull back a bit for no reason. Its good if you are fighting around the corner but there is no need to to that when you are in the open.

The last thing is something you should really try to do every time you have the chance. And its tracking the enemy. You had a chance to track+dmg T32, Lowe and then ARL and all 3 times you decided to shoot the side armour.

Hope some of this helps you man, good luck ;)

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Thank you sir for watching and your input.  I watched it again, there were at least 3 stupid shots (other than the lol lets shoot HE moment) that I should have hit as well. 

I never really noticed before that I pull back that much, I'll try to pay more attention to it.

Thanks again.

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