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Hello everyone,

Im Larsson from Germany. I started WoT a couple of years back and dropped it due to inactivity. Now I picked up the game again and I am looking to seriously improve my game.
I got a wn8 somewhere around 750 and luckily it´s been rising constantly. I started a lot of tank lines and thus I have no skills on any crew just yet. I mainly play t5 and t6 at the moment. I consider the KV85,  and Firefly my main tanks and currently leveling the czech medium line because i really like the gun depression and the new playstyle it opens up ( at least for me ). I also bought the IS but at its stock configuration I am still trying to accumulate some free EXP to get the better gun at least.

I´m looking to improve my game and I love reading guides and theorycrafting and all that stuff. I would love to join up in a platoon with more experienced players to learn from them from time to time and at some point maybe join a serious clan. We´ll see.

While I´m at it. I am eyeing the IS-2 deal thats HOT at the moment, can you recommend it?


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Welcome to the Labs! If you're going to go for one of the Berlin tanks I'd strongly recommend waiting for the Bromwell, as you can use it to grind credits while playing tier 6 Stronks.

I run a training clan, 22OTC, that you'd be welcome to join.

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3 hours ago, Larsson23 said:


Aaaaah… Hmmmm… Not the best choice you could have taken. Next tank is downright horrible, and I gather the end of the line is rather bad.
Then again, you might just want to play the Firefly because it's the Firefly, with no plans on going further…

The soviet IS-2 is indeed pretty nice. IT's like the soviet IS turret (so better gun dep and elevation and APCR instead of HEAT) on a Chinese IS 2 hull (with 10 mm more armour, because reasons)

Also, hmmm, Hi! I guess…

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Hello guys,

I thought I´d give that post a little Update.

I recently reached the green rank which was one of my main goals when I joined here. I worked through a lot of guides and really start to understand the game flow much better. I still struggle with consistency a lot, especially when solo queing.

I unlocked and fullly equiped the IS tank but I feel that this might not be the best tank line for me. I very much enjoy the Skoda Line ( i got to skoda t24 - its the tank with my best winrate actually). I really like the gun depression and speed on the tank. I also started to grind the american tank line and currently got to the m4. I value gun depression a lot since when I dont have the necessary gun dep. i tend to overextend into greedy shots and just die.

Also I really hit a wall when playing T6 and T7 regularly but I´m getting more and more confident each game....

I really enjoy the 22OTC clan since i have been platooning with some guys from the actuall "first squad" and learned a lot.
If any of the more experienced players are up for it I´d love to platoon some time and maybe dive deeper into certain "leessons".
How to deal with terrible gun depression would be a good one to start with...


2016-05-25 00_48_02-Larsson2334 - WoTLabs.net - World of Tanks Statistics Tracker.png

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Hello fellow tankers,

I thought I might give an update on how it all went for me since I joined wotlabs earlier last year. I also would like to state some goals for myself and I would like to share them with you.

So in may last year and roughly 2k games back my WN8 was at around ~925 and my WR about 52,5%. I mainly played T5 and 6 back then. Looking at todays stats I did improve but maybe not as much as I had hoped I would. Still I´m OK with my Stats and with my Winrate. Speaking off goals then. I ultimately want to reach Unicum Status (which is everyones goal here I assume).

@Unicums, pants down pls...  what were your stats at around 4K games?


Tier X Tanks that I would like to unlock (in that order)

  1. American Med Line M48 Patton -> currently at M46 Patton (my only T9 Tank)
  2. German Med E50 -> I have the Panther unlocked but want to get my gunmark on the VK first.
  3. Russian Heavy , IS Line
  4. Czech Med Line
  5. American Heavy -> Currently at T29


Other Goals:

  • Bring all tanks that I have played so far (T5 and above)  above 50% winrate (looking at Pershing and Firefly in particular)
  • Reach Blue Status by the End of this year (assuming I wont be able to play 50 games per day for the rest of the year)
  • Join a clan that is active on the world map when I feel I´m ready for it (and have good tanks and good crew at T6, T8 , T10
  • Keep on enjoying the game and not try to hard

I am still looking for players to platoon with, so If you want to play some games add me ingame. I´d be happy to play with you , be it with TS or just a silent platoon - i don´t mind.



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