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What is a Pubbie?

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Members of a game community that aren't in your particular private group. Usually seen as less desirable to play with.

We don't have enough players, we could always let some pubbies join.
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4 hours ago, Matross said:

IMHO (fwiw), a pubbie is someone who is auto-pilot tanking. Too much driving and pewpew without thinking, and therefore not looking at minimap and his surroundings.

I consider myself a pubbie when I play bad.


Is it safe to say... pubbies are just the general population of WoT, in pub games, that are not unica, or playing at unica levels? (cuz if unica, wouldn't be playing at pubbie status?). Sorry, I'm not 100% sure myself.

Pretty much spot on from my take. Click Battle, repeat tactics on same map, never consider team compositions or whats happened with tanks that are not spotted or are somewhere else. Its a mindset that pretty much still in a single player or PvE game.

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World of Tanks, as much as I hate to admit it, is a team game. Regardless of player skill we all had one moment or another when we needed help from our teammates. To me, the only true 'pubbies' are the ones who ACTIVELY try to play this game like a single player game (For example ignoring to communicate with teammates, refusing to cooperate, or camping in a bush at base DESPITE being asked nicely to move.) This does not apply to those who do not rely on teammates or players who are simply oblivious, as they usually still actively pay attention to the chat and will at least understand words. 

Perhaps this is why often we hate on non-English speaking players. It may not be because they are bad, but simply because there is no way of communicating with them. To me, even a low 500 wn8 player is a more valuable asset to the team than a 2000+ wn8 player if the first is one who listens to suggestions and actively communicate. An ignorant blue player who refuses to work with the rest of the team and then dies in the first 3 minutes is even more harmful to your team than the enemy themselves.

I donno, kinda just rambling here. AP week has been tough.

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A pubbie is someone that is just there to make up numbers.

Someone that doesn't take the time to learn the role of the tank they are playing.

Someone that doesn't pay attention to the minimap and react accordingly.

Someone that ignores the objectives, ie not returning to base and resetting when they are in a position to do so.

Someone that just aims randomly and doesn't bother to learn weakspots.

I could make a list as long as my arm but I'm sure people get the gist of what I am saying.

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Basically pubbie means three things:

1. Someone participating in a public match, i.e. a random battle.

2. Someone of the plebs, the hoi polloi, the great dirty unwashed, the common rabble; the average John Doe...

3. Specifically used with the derogatory connotation in mind, referring to someone so banal, you don't want anything to do with them (which for some people might just mean everyone in cat 2).

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11 hours ago, Archaic_One said:

Wat is a pubbie?


Do you want to know what it is?

The Pubbie is everywhere. They are all around us. Even now, in this very chat. You can see it when you roll out in your tank or when you stare down from your skycancer. You can feel their presence when you fight on the beach... in the fields... on the streets. Its the Other that has been put in your team to blind you from the truth.


That you are special. A unique hero unit. Like everyone else you clicked Battle. Into a random team of other humans that you cannot see nor hear nor touch.


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For me, a pubbie is a random and as any random that I'll meet in a random game, they are defined by their capacities to offer themselves to the ennemy team (my pubbies) or to my team (their pubbies).

I see them as the basic unit of wot, as a point is the basic unit in geometry or a drop the basic in the beer I drink.

They'll have to be autisticly good or famous to not be considered a pubbie, which happen very rarely.

#Je suis Pubbie

e/ U_Pub bro ?

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18 hours ago, Private_Miros said:

And then you meet Xen.


18 hours ago, 1n_Soviet_Russia said:

Tbh everyone to some degree is cancer, from the worst stat denying, unica hating tomato shitlord, to super arrogant, angry super unicums. To me being a pubbie is being one of those people who does not realize what they are doing, regardless of player skill. Try to be a cool dude, if you play like shit, ask for help. If you are a unicum god, don't be a douche and help people. Tbh, I sperg in chat on occasion, it does not make you a bad person, just be fucking self aware. 

Tldr. A pubbie is a person who has no clue about how they impact the game.

pretty close to the truth regardless of wn8 color

18 hours ago, TaylorSwift said:

A pubbie is anyone who makes mistakes in games. I expect perfection out of everyone, including myself. Hence the frequent ragequits I am known for, as I am frustrated for playing like a pubbie.

Nietzsche revoked

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Pubbie is anyone who doesn't play as a team, and most greens and below usually are pubbies, unless they are somehow part of a good clan which teaches them not to, but those cases are rare i feel. 

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Mfw this thread pops up every few months because Google is hard :doge:

Pubbie literally means anyone playing on a public server and that's it, although it is also a common synonym for "stranger" for the same reason. Way back yonder, it was common practice for anyone wanting to amount to anything in an online game to buy their own server for games like Counter Strike, which allowed them space to practice strats and so on in peace. Public servers were the ones made available either by the game company itself or some popular gaming related place, such as a net café or some media outlet (IGN, Gamespot, GameSpy, GamesRadar etc). Thus they operated on a first come, first served basis, which is detrimental to getting a team playing together.

Pubbies were simply seen as "lesser" because they were unorganized, rather than anything skill related as such. Even if your team isn't very good, you should still be able to outplay X strangers that have never played with eachother, have varying skill levels and who cannot communicate well (voice chat was reasonably uncommon compared to today and you pretty much only had time to type if you were dead or waiting for the match to begin).

Why people can't relate "pubbie" to "public" is a fucking mystery to me: Maybe you kids should stay the fuck off my lawn until you learn the language :doge:

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