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322, 4 years anniversary (+ clan history)

Siema, Pozz, Moin!

12 May 2012 one of the most illustrious (European) wot clans was made, [322].

The clan was made by Body_count with as sole purpose: 
Make it easy to find platoon`s with good players. 
We had thus no forum, no teamspeak, no field commanders, nothing!!

Part 1: The beginning, #1 random clan



The clan however quickly grew and within a few months we had on paper (stat wise) the best clan of EU. Think of current FAME, I had among the lowest eff and my winrate was around clan average, so go figure ^^

In fact, only PTS had a roster comparable with [322] (the old PTS, with people like Pady_eos, Baine the arty bob etc, not the shadow of its former self it was last year)

Apart from being #1 clan in randoms (yes we were), we were also the #1 clan on the forums!
We had a bunch of known forum warriors / trolls (Rainbow_dash, Body himself) since we had no forum, we also used official forum as clan forum, important decisions (with polls) were made here as well, like:
-    Who to make diplomat (xensation, hurr durr)
-    How to pronounce 322 (three-two-two vs three hundred twenty-two) 
-    Change clan logo yes/no?)

And ofc the monthly top10 clan topics from Niklemos (they got always locked and binned, suchs a shame)

As self-proclaimed #1 randoms clan, all the green / blue bob clans were complaining that randoms was no skill and that TC (Tank Company) was the real deal. We first called them noobs, but later did start to play, the 322-way.
-    no teamspeak
-    field commanders are for noobs
-    tektiks are for cowards

Aaaaaaand, we ofc facerolled them, all, even without gold ammo and with some tier 9 tanks, 
15x a one-man-army super unicum > any clan with 15 blues, regardless of how much experience those blues have in organised play, since both xfire and imageshack are dead I no longer have screenshots.

In fact, even experienced TC clans, like HAMI or EFE, lost more as they won, which is logical since:

(I got that one from Mugen)

The reason was simple, statpadding was not a thing back then (yeah cap farming, but those are easy to spot) which meant good stats = good player, we had mostly the suicide type of unicum (think of morgotz or trakais or frenzier or vodkjha) not red line CHAI sniper cowards.

Put 15 of those yolo-unicum in 1 team and you get madness


Part 2: CW (and the beginning of the end)



After showing all the blue-bobs that best in randoms = best in tank company, they complained we should play CW instead. By this time we even had a teamspeak server and a field commander (Dovakhiin, too bad he quit wot (afaik))

Our first landing was in Italy, were we started very well, we choose Province as Headquarter, so we could use  stronk tektiks (camp 15 mins behind the houses) and messed around a bit, lack of cw players (lol, I’m not going to play cw shit) lack of tier 10 tanks (lol, I’m not going to buy shitty tier 10s to play cw) + no allies (allies are for cowards) meant we in the end got zerged by 3 clans and we got kicked out.

Our second landing was in Baku, we had alliance with PTS / Mummy and a no attack thingy with EFE 
Our goal was to farm mad gold, because of location, we had 1 daily defence and could attack in 1 direction, our goal: Stalingrad, and just like the Germans failed to take it, we also failed. At first we went forward, however WG adding an extra landing forced us to defend more, and while defending with tier 9 tanks against blues is very well possible (steppes yolo rush with T54`s / t10 meds) we didn’t have the tank / player numbers to fight a war of attrition against PMHC and defend 2 landings.

EFE helped us out, by also trying to take Stalingrad, PMHC got now besieged by both EFE, 322 and mummy, but mummy failed, EFE fought on 3 sides (which even EFE couldn’t handle) and we lacked tanks and players, so simply couldn’t outplay them (we also failed in some spectacular ways i think, like medium rush against 10 E100s or something, on ensk) 

PMHC defied all odds and fought 2 of the 3 best clans at the same time, and kept going, its 3 years ago, but still respect for PMHC :awyeah:

Due to lack of tanks we often used tier 9 tanks, or we lacked 15 players, forcing us to play with 13 or 14 players, yet when we could field 15 proper tier 10 tanks, we kicked ass ^^

All went fine until a rainy November morning, Body_count was pissed off PTS didn’t help us more, so we should instead stab them in the back, Tabs, Vodkjha and I thought he was trolling, so we poked the fire a bit. Turned out it wasn’t trolling and chips were placed on PTS, 3 or 4 times, it was lots of lol wut in clan chat later and nobody joined, that evening a real shitstorm started (everyone always trolling in clan chat also doesn’t help)


Part 3: CW attempt nr 2



After the PTS shitstorm, Body kicked everyone from the clan, a new clan was found QNQ, but it was not the same, not everyone joined, some went to KAZNA (which was just new afaik) others to the clan which would become EXNOM.

Tabs joined [322] back and became commander, he invited everyone back, and it was more or less like it was again (but not entirely). 

We lost quite some good players, and the atmosphere was never the same, it also kept a bit ``drama-ish``, especially because Liveit (former FC) made he’s own clan Ex-322, and so did Xensation also made a clan, IDEAL, later Sgt_Diablo also made a new clan, F15.

When Tabs no longer wanted to be commander, I became Commander myself, we also did of cw, and it dragged on and on. I no longer wanted to be involved in cw whatsoever, so I left the clan and it slowly started to fall apart. 

Former 322 players where now present in almost any top10 clan of the EU server, a few in PTS and EXNOM, a whole bunch in F15, IDEAL and 247, except in 322 itself....


Part 4: Rebuilding 322



Long story short:
I myself and a bunch of other former 322 players joined 247; a strict no-cw clan made by another old 322 player, 247 slowly grew and had probably the biggest statpadders of EU server 

Some players however wanted to form a better, bigger clan and so it happened, FAME was born, all players from 247 went over, and so went some others former 322 players, as well as guys from PTS, UNICA and other top clan. Due to all the super stronk pleyers, FAME went out of nothing to #1 clan of EU and while many players left and joined over time, FAME is still without doubt the best clan of the server, perhaps even the best clan the server ever saw.

FAME however slowly turned to a CW clan, something I didn’t like much, and after a few months I got pissed off from shitty CW and left FAME to join back [322]

When I joined back [322] body_count asked me if I would like to become commander again, after a bit of thought I said yes. We were only 45 or so players back then, but slowly more and more people joined. And after a few months we were close to 80 again, the clan was no longer close to dead!


Part 5: The current clan
Not only did we gain more and more players, the quality also went up slowly, which makes us #3 clan according to wn8. We still don’t have a forum and we don’t play cw or stronghold or cups or campaigns, but it seems this kind of clan can still work fine. We also still have a bunch of players who were in the clan almost since the beginning (15 or so i guess, perhaps even more). While its not longer as fun or entertaining as it once was, it was nice for the time beiing, the game as a whole went more downhill as uphill, but that can also be nostalgia ^^.

In fact, the unthinkable happened, and we outlived all our former, well organized, rivals (UNICA, EFE, PTS, Mummy, HAMI) [322], the clan without forum, without TS and without purpose or goal is still alive, less is more!


Lets see if 322 can stay alive for another year

ps: due to stronk Official forum formating i can not make topics in the clanzone, or is there some rule that people with too many warning points cant make topics? I could make topics in the past :feelsbad:

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8 minutes ago, X3N4 said:

Didn't Body_Cunt also steal all the gold?

Yeah, but since many people wanted to be paid as fast as possible we never had much gold, i guess like 20k gold or something

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Just now, GehakteMolen said:

Yeah, but since many people wanted to be paid as fast as possible we never had much gold, i guess like 20k gold or something

Man I would have never joined back after something like that, it says something about the character of a guy. Plus he's a dogshit terrible player... There were lots of cool guys in the old 322 and I never understood why they stuck with such a tard as commander.

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38 minutes ago, X3N4 said:

Man I would have never joined back after something like that, it says something about the character of a guy. Plus he's a dogshit terrible player... There were lots of cool guys in the old 322 and I never understood why they stuck with such a tard as commander.

I guess nobody wants to be commander is part of the problem, after the first disband Tabs became commander though, and when Tabs no longer wanted I became commander, later Eul i think, and for the past 2 years im commander myself again

ps: im not even that keen on beiing commander, as a normal player you can just leave to play some cw or join another clan, it also feels a bit like i dunno, ``work``? eventhough i barely do anything

ps ps: another ``problem`` is that IF i ever would join a cw clan, it would probably be FAME, since they are like the only good clan which isnt full try-hard yet still active, but that means putting effort in my gameplay again, i slacked off quite a bit over time ^^

edit: like now, 6 games played with Obj 140 / T62, 6x defeat, im just mad because of retards, and thats it, i just click battle and fuck it, got derp rushed by T57 / skoda for 0 dmg once, bombed by arty, total dement team on ensk etc etc etc


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I always enjoy hearing about the old days, often before I even played the game, but certainly before I ever got involved with clans.

One day someone should do a whole post about the history of PTS, EXNOM and EFE, and how FAME came to be founded. I know @Folterknecht wrote a decent post before, but it's not the complete picture (and, dare I say it, biased from the PTS perspective, which is completely understandable).

I feel that the new global map makes CW truly meaningless. At least the old map you could have some great wars, such as last year's attack on the green alliance by FAME, OMNI (I forget the others). We were destroying SED and JCKAL regularly in Germany and eventually the greens got wiped. Good times. It was even fun to lose, like we did to FAME in Greece and Turkey. They fucking rekt us, but there were some fun games, and I was even part of a few wins.

You can't really do that shit anymore.

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Being relatively new to the EU scene, I dont know much about the old power blocks. My only encounter with 322 members was some 15 year old kid from the balkans acting all tough and shit. "322 best clan EU" "CW is for the poor" "Real men only play randoms"  etc.

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3 hours ago, Snoregasm2 said:

You can't really do that shit anymore.

Ofc you can do that shit now. See latest attack of WHYME/WHYOU/SED/F15 on purple alliance causing FAME to switch alliances in order to stay on the map.


Bigger problem is more, that a lot of the Top Guys stopped caring that much for one single CW or even war. A lot have fought so many battles and earned so much gold/prestige, that they are simply not in the same spirit as lets say 3 years ago...


But thats the normal way every Multiplay-Game is going....

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