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One handed players

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I don't know if this is the right place to post?

i know I'm a shitter but the more I improve the more I HATE clickers. HATE

everytime I get clicked I have to let them know how much I hate. That being said I don't get mad when I get outplayed by a regular tanker.

but something is up with clickers because I've noticed two things:

1.  have any of you noticed an increase lately in clickers in randoms?   I'm seeing 3 per team almost every battle sometimes even more ( I'm on west server and play mostly 8-10) 

2.  Along with an increase in clickers I'm seeing more clicker trash talking, you know how they one shot you and chat 'oops' or 'oh sh1t'

more clickers playing and more trash talking tells me a clicker nerf is in order

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7 minutes ago, Doodman said:

Perfect thank you, didn't see that

Also, be aware that this kind of topic is not very well seen on this forum:
- Threads like this are a waste of time
- Official forums are full of this crap
- Really, noone gives a crap about anyone getting shit on by arty, we all get that, reading about it doesn't change my day.
- There is status updates for "small" stuff like this

Just sayin, for the future

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Sigh, since I've seen your status update, let me explain why I closed this thread and why I gave you the warning.

Firstly, let me underline, as communicated to you, that the warning is one without a sanction and that the warning point will vanish automatically in 2 weeks. The system is there to target repeat-spergers only.

Secondly, honestly, objectively... shit thread is shit; no matter the subject. It's a whine, it adds no insight, it adds nothing of value. Seemingly introducing RNG in your use of punctuation doesn't help either.

Thirdly, there is a WoTLabs policy on arty threads and arty posts. As with any policy, in practice this is applied case by case and (hopefully) proportionally. We let things slip, but if two things cumulate (i.e. shit thread and sperging),a ction will mostly be taken; and if it isn't, we missed it, because moderation doesn't scrutinize every sentence written on these forums.

Fourthly, there is a special thread where you are free to sperg without sanction, especially meant to avoid posts and certainly threads like this.



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