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Optimum Reticle Setup

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What do you bois use for your optimum reticle setup? The competitive players I've associated with claim that A minimalist reticle works best for them on all levels. This is just a curiosity of mine. If you would be kind enough to show a little screenshot of your settings and the reticle in action it would be much appreciated.

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I use a dot (green for crosshair, red for center screen) with a separate server cross and reload clock with all other reticle elements disabled 


dont mind the shitty textures on the picture, its the best picture I have just showing the ret



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I use Jimbos crosshair, but I use the vanilla aiming circle (because I don't like jimbos one) and I use the Crosshair + as the aiming point. 

oh, and instead of using jimbos fancy sniper mode crosshair thing, I use the basic one. 






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3rd person:  2 dots, helps to be precise






Sniper:  Crosshair for aimpoint, Dot for gun








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