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What is [SRY]?
[SRY] is an international competitive battalion focused on PvP. Our goal is to be the very best in team based competitions, whether they be tournaments or the coming competitive mode, or any future competitive PvP such as the rumored Territory Wars. As such, our players are both very highly individually skilled, and very good and loyal teamplayers dedicated to achieving this goal. 

How do I join?
Simply said, be better than good. We want to be the best, and for that, our members have to be the best. To put it into more words: We are looking for highly skilled players capable of working in a team, who are willing and capable of giving their best for the battalion. We are looking for people who want to win, and will do their best to achieve it, players who will actively pursue winning over their individual gain, but who are individually skilled enough to achieve the victory - because for us, that's the fun, that's the point - to win. What we are not looking for are low tier statpadders and redline campers.

In other words, we don't care how good you are in the AMX 10P90 if you fail in tier 10 vehicles, neither do we care about your 9000+ average farmed damage if you give up matches in order to achieve that. 


Stat requirements:

2.0+ K/D ratio
2200+ AVG DMG+ 
55%+ WR
1000 battles and at least one tier 9

Please keep in mind the stat requirements are not the be all end all of everything. Each applicant will be considered individually and as such it may happen that a player who does not meet the overall requirements will be accepted (really good AFV player with lots of spotting damage, but not so much normal damage). At the same time, meeting or exceeding the stat requirements does not automatically mean your spot is sure - if you can't behave yourself and are disrespectful towards other members, you will have to look for another battalion.

Other requirements:
Our focus is on working together towards common goal. As such, we expect our players to participate in the community - by actively asking for tournament team spots, by joining the same event teams as the rest of the battalion, by platooning with other members and by participating in the future competitive modes. Playing with friends or solo is fine, but not all the time. If you are looking for a cool tag, this is not the place for you. People who join, but quickly forget about us, will be forgotten by us - and removed from the battalion.


You can find us here: TBA
TeamSpeak3: eu41.ts3.cloud:6350

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