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what to do when you're at the bottom of the food chain (HT specific question)


Hello mighty Unicums,

what do you do when you're on the bottom of the list? especially in a HT?

the question applies only for tier 8 HTs, since the gap between tier 8 and tier 10 is not even comparable to the one between tier 6/8 or 7/9, a tier 6 tank is capable of doing a good work in a tier 8 game, same goes for a tier 7 heavy..

let's build up a scenario:

you press battle in your IS3 and you get Prokorovka (north spawn) against tier 10s with 1 arty per team, the enemy team is made mostly by high alpha TDs, a Maus, a E5 and a couple of tier 8 and 9 mediums while yours has a strong platoon of 2 bats and a waffle... what would you do?

i'm asking about general mindset, what goals you want to achieve in that specific game (dealing damage, supporting, trying to shut down a flank, etc..) and how you react to the battle development (flank collapses/push/yolorush by their meds and such)

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IS-3 is fine, it is fast enough to get around and has enough alpha to keep up with higher tiers. Try fighting tier 10 in a KV-4. 

In general you have no choice but to play off the real heavies. That doesn't mean camping in the back but rather that you peak smartly and be extra careful to present difficult angles if you can't avoid taking fire.

Some tier VIII can actually bounce a shitton of damage in a tier X game. Monkeys in tier X seem to think any shot will pen a tier VIII and stop aiming properly. I remember a tier X game in a KV-4 where I bounced almost 9k damage.

Basically it comes down to the general rule: play smart or get screwed.

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Support tank. Follow your own heavys. Wait for enemy heavys to fire. Poke safely and fire back. Even if you pen a low ammount of numbers, you can still do some dmg and help the team. Maybe consider using gold in case of maus or e100. 

Best case scenario is when your team pushes and you get to see the sides of the turrets or hulls. Put some shots and get involved in the push only when either you see your team will win for sure or when you need to take one or two shots in order to secure victory. 

If it's a worst case scenario like being pushed or your team's push failed, then make some prayers and try to put as many shots as you can before you die. 

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