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What makes you laugh in game?

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1 hour ago, Assassin7 said:

oh also, yesterday playing triple KV-220 platoons. 

was literally an auto win platoon. 

Cheater. :P

Jokes aside, anytime i see a 3x <insert any ½-decent tank> platoon, i figure it'll be an auto-win for that team. Not always true, but most of the time it is.

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Someone who with shitty w/r accuses another with a vastly superior one of not being a team player. (priceless)

Someone who rams a much heavier tank genuinely expecting to come off better. (you can often tell)

Someone who complains about the map they're playing on when "driving" an artillery. (go fuck yourself)

Someone who's spregging in klingon. (mostly EU server I guess)

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I got called a fail reroll recently. 10/10.

Also bullshit T-34-3 snap shots are pretty fun too.

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Teals and blues in the T-54 shooting nothing but HEAT, even at lower tier tanks, and gloating in chat when you bounce their lower plate in a tier 8/7 tank. I laugh, because their reasoning is that the rank has "bad pen" and "flanking is dead in this meta" and the "T-54 has bad armour" :serb:

Team was 90% tiers 8/7. On Prok. Yeah, keep deluding yourself in your crutch tank shitter. Justice was served tho - he got one shot by an M55/53 :serb:

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Proper passive LT play. I can barely contain myself when someone is in E5 on Malinovka (even better if they made it from south spawn) lighting most of the team and the massive area denial coming from that.  It's twice as good when the enemy or the LT start a conversation in all chat about it mid game. In fact any really good scouting makes my day, double points for goading artillery in all chat.


Complete barrel rolls in LT's "nobody saw anything"

Heavily armoured tanks "scouting" by pushing a flank blind (e.g. 1 line on Prohorovka), double points if the are  scouts behind them. 

Pascucci's (Burda's etc) medals, especially if it's a scout in the mid game who has forgotten is not 2012. :)

Counter Battery :P

Arty wasting a reload on a 10HP tank. 



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