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Need exp teamates to get better

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So WOWS is so much harder to carry than WOT. For instance in WOT I can hull down and kill 3 newbs on the regular. Or I can bait shots then circle guys and face hug etc.

In SHips I feel like I have to give up HP in almost all positions when outnumbered.

It is def more team dependent.


Don`t get me wrong my first 50 games I was a shitter trying to get used to T3-4 and 5 ships. It was a bad time as all I saw was Molotovs and higher tiers.

Now that im to a good ship, I am doing solid DMG and kills when I am able to support a team that doesnt melt. Most games in my Kuma I was 35k DMG and 1.5 kills. Now in my Furrry Taco I am 45k 2 kills and was pulling off a lot. But at 13km I am out ranged by much faster longer range ships who have higher DPM. I love its torps, but its so slow and turn like a truck.


ANyways, I need a Plat partner. Everytime I plat even with bad players I win and I have great games. Very rarely in a Plat have I not been top on Exp.


Please good players give me a shot, I need to learn and am fast doing so. Please add me and spam me.


Hopefully my WOT stats will show you my mind isnt complete mush. :)

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Just look around the section. Most people who are willing to division aren't too picky, and they usually state what tiers they have, and when they play. I usually wont refuse a division request from a name I recognize, so you can toss me on if I'm on. As for those tiers, most people stick to tier 7 or under, given the lack of reason to own a tier 10, and the state of tier 10 balance.

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