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I need help to excel

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Hello everybody, 

About a year ago I became very ill with constant debilitating headaches, which have left me practically housebound.  During this time I have decided to raise my game in World of Tanks. I joined M--M and have been looking at improving my play within the clan and a circle of friends from previous clans etc.

I have improved a lot but I don't want to be average,  I want to be the best I can. To be that I am willing to work hard and long at that. 

Now I am looking to improve further; looking to the wider community to help me. 

Mostly I am looking for people who would be happy to add me as a platoon buddy or mentor me (even if it's a once off) as I travel on the road to get better. 

When I am at full clarity I can generally hold 58%+ solo as can be seen every other day in my 24hr stats. During an attack my play does suffer and obviously WR and WN8 follow suit.  Depending on how I bad I get I generally continue playing using WoT as a distraction.

I have all tiers and I am aware that my top tier play needs work. My favorite tanks are the tier 8 lights but I do tend to play them like it's 2012 and my combat in them suffers. 

East or west are much of a muchness as the difference between 180 and 260 is not that great once you are used to it. 

I would appreciate anyone willing to help out.  Feel free to add me on game or lay a comment or message me here/in game. 

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Not sure if everyone here will agree but it worked for me so here it is. Play as much tier 10 as you can. Reasons for that are:

1. There are more competent players in tier 10 than any other tier which means mistakes are punished promptly. That also means that you will learn much faster simply by figuring out what you did wrong. 

2. Tier 10 tanks are the most comfortable to use so you are not fighting a tank as well as the enemy. However reds are also in the good tanks with good crews so you will have their undivided attention.

The only other advice i want to give you is watch the streams. I would recommend X3N4, Anfield, Decha, OverlordPrime, but there are alot of more excelent players. Try not to watch how they click at the enemy tanks. Rather look out for positions they take compared to lineup and deployment. Positioning makes unicums unicums.

Btw as soon as i saw the title i wanted to comment Word....

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Day 1) Feeling ok, not clear headed but well enough that it should not affect me too much.I actually went out for about half an hour in between game 2 and game 3 so it took me a bit to get into the swing of things.

Game 1 - Jadgtiger - Loss - 2.5kdmg http://wotreplays.com/site/2713187#mountain_pass-shrewarmies-jagdtiger

Not a great game, I was lucky that I was not punished early by arty when I stopped in the open and overall my shooting was really off. I bounced off multiple enemies  where I really should not have. I felt that my deployment was decent. I initially wanted to go to the spot the JPanther II took so when I turned to move south I was a little slower than I would have liked. I feel that the push against the IS 3 and the KV was correct and had the pubbies turned around when I pointed out the Foch and turned around myself that this game could have been won. I will admit I thought my reload was faster than the Foch's so there was a major error. In that situation perhaps face hugging the Foch would have been more appropriate.


Game 2 - AMX CDC - Win - 1k dmg http://wotreplays.com/site/2713201#karelia-shrewarmies-amx_chasseur_de_chars

A very poor game for me. I was very aggressive early and even took a shot from a friendly T-34-2 as I was trying to bug out. That HP cost me my final duel with the Patton. Without the Patton on the way in I would have been happy to sit in the saddle and hit the T 29's. I am still happy about my initial deployment in theory but I could have done better in practice. My two kills were simply foot-ins  I used auto aim a bit too much  and I think I should have given up the duel against the M48 but I was cognizant about the Tiger/Conway who could have had shots into me as I broke away via the middle entrance to that back area. I was hoping my DPM was enough/friendlies came in time but I was wrong on both counts. Once I was dead the friendlies left behind really made a meal of things but we won in the end.


Game 3 - Maus - Win - 1.7k http://wotreplays.com/site/2713257#teams

Naturally I startdoing this and stark sucking kumera. Another low damage game. It was greedy of me to go east as so few of our tanks were going there. Once again I am trolled by magic fucking IS 3 armour and some missed shots which cost me a lot of life. Should I have tried to engage the flanking IS 3? I figured that between the Tiger II and Waffle IV they could handle it whilst I kept my heavies armour to the front with more targets. 

Game 4 - Batchat 25t - Win - 5.5k http://wotreplays.com/site/2713279#winter_himmelsdorf-shrewarmies-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t

A very good game damage wise. I am not sure if the initial spots from the mid are worth the time I am out of the fight. I would like your thoughts on that. Once I had emptied my clip on top of the hill I was in half a mind to bail at that point but decided to stick around and took damage because of that. I had not seen the two tanks coming around the east of the castle so  when I had the chance I flexed back east. I did fuck up against the T110E4 as I was the dead tanks barrel and assumed that he was facing the other way. Thanks to the friendly we were able to take him and luckily the KV 4 did not try to rush me which would probably have ended me. I did managed to bounce a shot off what looked like the lower plate of the Conq GC and our fucking cancer decided that I was camping and ended my spree like the fucking shit stain he is.  I was hoping to reverse ram the arty for the TG :P 

Also, does anyone know why the TVP got the High Calibur and I did not?

Game 5 - WZ 132 (still grinding) - Loss - 490 dmg http://wotreplays.com/site/2713298#stats

Tried to play the scout early but got spotted as I was try to maneuver back further into the bush. Spent the next few minutes really indecisive as to how I wanted to play it out and I got punished when I once again missed shots at what should have been an easy target and got taken out quickly. Hard Carry by thegoodandthebad but he got cancered at the last minute.


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Feeling quite good today. I had some Tamezepam last night to help me sleep and it worked wonderfully. I hope my results reflect this. As before. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Tell me I am a shitter, tell me I am a fucking recent blue, just tell me how to improve.


Game 1 - Jagdtiger - Win 3k http://wotreplays.com/site/2721322#erlenberg-shrewarmies-jagdtiger

A game where I felt that I started strong and fucked up the end game. The point where I started playing like shit was my push against the VKB and 113 with a friendly E100. I did not need to lead the gold but did anyway to just doubly make sure I penned my shots but after that particular fight  I sat like a fucking duck in the open and paid the price. I think I should have followed my initial idea of driving all the way north to overlook where the standard cap is. That would have cleared out the Ferdi and I would have not been left so open.

Game 2 - ST-I - Loss 2k http://wotreplays.com/site/2721352#el_halluf-shrewarmies-st-i

Again I felt my initial position was ok. My decision to Push which resulted in me getting killed was based on the E5, 140, and I think another tank pushed into the middle so I figured that the hill I was behind would be too far behind the fight. As it turns out everybody died and we lost because of it. I feel like I should have been able to get more shots into people but I was either too slow or looking another way and things just did not work out for me :(

Game 3 - ST-I Loss 3.2k http://wotreplays.com/site/2721368#sacred_valley-shrewarmies-st-i

Seriously, how the fuck did we lose this game? I even shot the fucking house so we could get vision on the cap. Fucking E4 decided he needs to aim some more. /end rant

We lost because their last surviving tank capped out. There may have been a quicker path back to the cap or perhaps I should have ignored the killing blow on the M60 to try to get back to cap faster. I thought I had the time, and had we crushed the houses at the beginning of the battle we would have won this game. Despite that, I felt my game was alright. Mostly picking up final shots on various tanks. On a different note this was my first ever ST-I game with the tank fully upgraded. Previous games I had all but the tracks and was using suspension over Vents.

Game 4 - AMX CDC - Win 2k http://wotreplays.com/site/2721392#steppes-shrewarmies-amx_chasseur_de_chars

This game was pretty much a steamroll. I managed to walk away with 5 kills despite only doing 2k dmg so things were over very quickly. I was worried early when the SIMP player in the T 34-3 took a couple of big hits early so I decided that I needed to go ham and cause some disruption in true Light tank style so I dived down with the intention of getting them to look at me and not  @Autumn3ffect. Perhaps this was not necessary but I survived and it allowed the steamroll to start as there was almost no way we were going to lose once our tanks had pushed up into their side of the court. In addition Autumn and I managed to tag together at the end to pick up the always satisfying arty kills.

Game 5 - Batchat 25t - Win 3.2k http://wotreplays.com/site/2721421#karelia-shrewarmies-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t

I was WAAAAAAAY too aggressive and died as a result of it. Shitter Batchat play I know. I expected the other LT's to come with but I was too set in my ways when they did not. I drove straight to the top of the hill and clipped out the Leo and finished off an IS3 and most of a Bulldog before going down. I expected the heavies to be a little more forward so when the IS7 started driving up the second slope I knew I was dead and just needed to finish that second clip. I just had to hope that it was good enough and while the guys at the back made a bit of a meal of it they managed to pull out the win.


Totals for the session:
Avg Tier: 9
" Kills: 2.6
Survival: 40%
Hit%: 75.4
WN8: 2880 




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Day 2 Session 2 - 

Until my last 2 games of the day I won every game besides the ST-I despite decent scores in that particular tank. I will be running it again today to try and get that x3. Perhaps these replays will not be as useful to anyone who wants to look at them but any pointers about initial positioning etc would be great. I am uploading these a day later so my memory may be a bit hazy I have not included the couple of low tier prems (LEFH + FCM PAK) because low tiers etc.

I did lose both my tier 10 games which were the last two of the day so that we very disappointing including getting absolutely schooled by a 430 v. II in my Maus which was really heartbreaking. The two losses  combined with the ST-I losses earlier in the day left me at 76% for the day. 

Game 1- AT 7 (Grinding) - Win - 2.9k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2724002#live_oaks-shrewarmies-at_7

AT 7 is an odd tank and I find myself enjoying it a bit. I figured that the south would devolve into a slugfest due to tank comp but I was greedy and tried to collect the T37 which put me way too far behind the fight. It was a shitty position to be in but the enemies were bad and let themselves be shot from where I was. Had they simply stayed of the other side of the tracks or moved straight into town I would have been useless.

Game 2 - T29 - Win - <1k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2724017#stats

I tried to go all try hard with the loadout (in terms of APCR usage) as I am at 98 games in this glorious tank and wanted to see just how high the win% was after 100 games. Of course I follow up with that with a pretty shitty game. I tried to be aggressive on the tanks in the middle as they were trapped by our YOLO player and a few others but I was way too aggressive and it cost me the game

Game 3 - Lowe - 2.9k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2724031#kharkov-shrewarmies-l_we

As with many of the previous games, my aggression cost me here. I felt my initial position positioning was decent and my scraping was excellent. The push on the T34 may have been a little silly but I did not see the southern flank fall or expect the Tiger II to stay alive as long as he did. I think if I had stayed back in the alcove I may have been able to fight just the T34 and the T69 but I felt that getting better hard cover between me and the 34 was more important as the Tiger II was just firing HE all game.

Game 4 - Batchat 25t - Loss - <1k  http://wotreplays.com/site/2724027#fisherman_s_bay-shrewarmies-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t

For some reason this upload is not working but they completely roflstomped us. I went to the mid early to knock down the tree but got blapped by a Grille 15 who was not punished by our multitude of meds in the middle. I then went up to the 1 line where our other batchat and a T54 were playing peek a boo with a 113 and a second batchat. I urged the T54 to take the first hit so our two batchats could get in and wreck face in chat. Unfortunately he either disagreed or has chat turned off and he hightailed it out of there, I followed suit shortly thereafter. They naturally wrecked our remaining batchat and their mid ridge force pushed ours into the city but our heavies in the city pushed their overmatch too late and got encircled. 

Game 5 - Maus - Loss - This replay link is not working either. Not sure what is happening.

I went around the peninsula on Fjords and fought an IS3 with a friendly E75 and then went toward base and a FV215B (183) slowed my approach and a 430 v II just heatspammed to death. I went back and got behind the wreck of the IS3 but the HEAT kept coming in and my aim was fucked and I missed/bounced all but 1 of my return shots (of which there were few thanks to 430 DPM. Bad game was really bad. Even before I got into the fight with the 430 and 183 we had lost the north and mid so we were not going to win this one.



Mods, if this should be in Tape Study, feel free to move it.




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Day 3 - Feeling pretty shit, my stomach is a cocktail of Targin, Gabapentin, and various opther drugs so I am not expecting to do as well today.

Game 1 - ST-I - Loss - <1k http://wotreplays.com/site/2724059#murovanka-shrewarmies-st-i

Fuck me, I RRR'd and tabbed out to type the above and nobody decided that the 1-3 lines were important. Even as it was I sucked balls and died for almost nothing. The ISU couldn't even shoot a fucking RU behind me as I was fighting the M103. Trash team, trash play, and trash game overall.

Game 2 - AMX CDC - Loss <1k http://wotreplays.com/site/2724082#airfield-shrewarmies-amx_chasseur_de_chars

Initial spots ok, if a little crowded with the TVP T 50/51. I felt like I bailed at the correct time to go to a good position considering but Tier X (T92) arty likes feasting on tier 8 prems. Considering the level of play exibited by the middle, I felt like I could have cleaned up the Tiger and Waffle but the north team was medically untreatable retarded. Without the arty, this would have easily been 2k+ dmg

Game 3 - Batchat 25 t - Loss -  2.9k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2724102#redshire-shrewarmies-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t

In this game I was simply not good enough. My intial position was ok but we did nothing for the first couple of minutes whilst out 9-0 lines got smashed and we did not send retaliate by taking the middle. A few of their tanks were able to cross to the 1 line unmolested and all I felt I could do was fall back and farm some dmg. Had all our meds jumped into the second bowl early things may have gone differently but our inaction caused the loss.

Game 4 - IS-3 - Win 3.3k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2724121#siegfried_line-shrewarmies-is-3

First off. I hate the IS-3. I have played it a bunch, I recognise how good it is in the right hands but I simply hate playing it. I keep it for CW/SH but rarely play pubs in it.

A decent game here. My scraping was ok early but I did fail a little against the 110. My wiggling may not have helped. I definitely threw away my repair kit which was idiotic. There was no need to use it when I did. I simply panicked and wasted 20k credits. I think going after the Ferdi and T30 may have not been correct but justifiable. I had expected the RU to be further behind our lines and so I was punished for pushing like I did. Overall a decent game.


Game 5 - Jagdtiger - Win 3.4k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2724137#karelia-shrewarmies-jagdtiger

Yes this is Assault, I turned it on ages ago and don't mind them every now and again.

I was pretty useless in the north but that was won by the lemming train. Once I get back to the cap circle I was feeling very good about our chances to win as my house mate was also alive. We were playing very defensively (if not completely arty safe). My position was poor but I did not feel like I could move for fear of the arty so I was not able to shoot many of the tanks when I could have cleaned the floor. I was lucky that after my friend died that they basically came at me one by one. The arty shot at the end was kind of expected but still a "fuck you"

Game 6 - ST-I - loss (any surprises there) - 2.7k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2724166#lakeville-shrewarmies-st-i

Ohh Yea, 4 ST-I losses in a row. I am the king of this tank. I felt like I should have been dead a long time before I actually did. 3.2k dmg blocked, mostly from the middle road. Arty shat on me whilst I held back the three meds who should have tore me to shreds but stayed behind the kirk. I have no idea how the T-10's first shot penetrated me, and you can see my surprise in the replay checking to see where it hit. Other than that the game went as I expected with me being able to hald back the heavies at the kirk and could have held that position for much longer had there been no arty in the game. The three tanks we had left should have been able to win the game but they all derped a bajillion shots each and gave the enemies time to complete a flank through the valley (from the city mind you). They had the health advantage, the had the alpha advantage but just derped shots into rocks. 


Totals for the session:
Wins: 33%
Avg Tier: 8.8
" Kills: 1.7
Survival: 0% :O
Hit%: 75.5
WN8:   2963

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Day 3: Feel a little ill but ok overall.

Game 1 - Jagdtiger - Loss - 1k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2726068#karelia-shrewarmies-jagdtiger

Very poor game. I tried to help the south but was spotted by the M41 and the T25AT was able to sit in the back and I just had to retreat into uselessness. Perhaps heading north would have been a better idea but overall it was just a really poor game.

Game 2 - ST-I - Win (finally) - 2k http://wotreplays.com/site/2726096#el_halluf-shrewarmies-st-i

I got called away from the PC basically once I got to the fight so I had to spend some time playing catchup and overall was a little too aggressive (notice a pattern?) resulting my my death. A pretty Lolsy ending with an arty only battle.

I took a small break between game 2 and 3.

Game 3 - Maus - Loss - 2.9k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2726148#stalingrad-shrewarmies-maus

Slow Maus is slow. I took an missed a shot on an E5 and took an extra shot from a T30 than I should have but I was just too slow to get back to base before it mattered. My second shot into the 62A should have damaged also. I knew the Grille would be flanking and I was hoping to clear the 62A and then turn around but my missed shot + Maus DPM meant that was never going to happen.

Game 4 - Batchat 25t - Loss - 3.5k 

Hard carry by the purps on the enemy team. 6.7k dmg + 5.2k + 3.7k was able to carry the dead weight on their team. I felt pretty useless all game but still managed to make 3.5k + 2.2k spotting from on top of the hill. My shooting was so off it was laughable. Truly pathetic.  I missed, I bounced and when push came to shove on top of the hill the new zoom fucked me completely and I could not aim at the E5. Had that fight gone my way I think I could have carried it out but it was not to be.

Game 5 - AMX CDC - Loss - 1.4k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2726178#tundra-shrewarmies-amx_chasseur_de_chars

We could have won that flank had the T25/2 not been an absolute pussy and the T34-3 had not completely fucked off as soon as it was a 2v2. I did go cliff diving which was not smart andI misjudged where I was going off from and felt like I would not have had the time to go back and try again so I crossed my fingers but prayer was not enough to save me.  My fight at the top of the hill could have been smarter but I was ok with that particular exchange. 


Shit day for games. In opposition to tradition the ONLY game I was was in the ST-I. I know I could have won the batchat game with slight changes to how I played. I feel like I would have needed a much bigger impact on the other three games than I had. 



Totals for the session:
Wins: 20%
Avg Tier: 9.2
" Kills: 0.8
Survival: 0%  
Hit%: 87.5
WN8:   1953



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Day 4:

Game 1 - Churchill VII (Grinding) - Win - <1k

Was helping to mentor Baron with Channe so that's why we were in a 3 man platoon.. Game was really choppy for some reason, especially when fighting the KV 220. I was playing on East so my ping was around 230ish which is higher than usual which was why I loaded the APCR like a pro.I felt that I could have done a lot better had I moved into the city rather than split the city and the hills which allowed a TOG of all things to flank me :(

Game 2 - Churchill VII (Grinding) - Loss - 1k

Really unfortunate loss. Our T-34-3 fucked up in the endgame which lost our team the advantage and eventually the match. I was a little hesitant about heading to the 0 line when I saw nobody heading in that direction. Once the KV-2 was there I moved over and between us we took out the IS-6 and enemy KV-2. Major props to the french LT who distracted the IS6 for me. Once that happened though I had the same issue I had with the Maus game yesterday in that I was just too slow to break away and the E25 tore me up.

Once again I had a large break between game 2 & 3 for SH and stuff.

Game 3 - ST-I - - 0dmg - http://wotreplays.com/site/2728292#fiery_salient-shrewarmies-st-i

Prohorovka; went to H6. Got smacked by arty and invisible TD's. Nothing more to see.I did absolutely nothing. 6th sense did not go off. HEAT Spammers on hill.QQQQQ

Game 4 - Maus - Win - 5.4k (Ace) - http://wotreplays.com/site/2728296#himmelsdorf-shrewarmies-maus

A nice game in the Maus. I was 100% sure we were going to lose when they won the hill and our tank alley team was stopped cold by an E-3. I turned around and helped to deal with the hill team who came in one at a time so I was able to feast on them and still have time to turn around back to the alley. The Type 4's ignored me/ came one at a time so I was able to focus my armour and shots into one and managed to get out of there alive. I lost the top gun due to my 200+ ping. My game showed me fire first but the E100 was awarded the kill :(

Game 5 - Batchat 25t - Win - 1.2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2728307#pilsen-shrewarmies-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t

First up I was bad and pushed up too far and took too much damage early. After that I stayed around the eastern flank despite being outnumbered for too long. Even after I decided to bail I stuck around just a little further back and I was killed because of my indicision. Overall a really shit game and I could have done a lot better.


  Totals for the session:
Wins: 60%
Avg Tier: 8.2
" Kills: 1.2
Survival: 20%  
Hit%: 75.5%
WN8:   2059




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Day 5 -  i guess I should put my overalls etc herejust in case this keeps going. Overall 1300 52%: Recent 1850 54%; For a while my recent WR was above 56 but it has gone down so I guess I need to keep working on that.



Game 1 - AMX CDC - Win - 1.8k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2731876#ensk-shrewarmies-amx_chasseur_de_chars

I was totally outclasses in the field which was unexpected so I felt that I could only apply myself in the city which is not the natural home of the CDC. I picked up some damage where I could but I was not able to really keep myself in the game for long enough. 

Game 2 - Jagdtiger - Jagdtiger - Win - 3.2k http://wotreplays.com/site/2731996#sacred_valley-shrewarmies-jagdtiger

I had way too much trouble with the IS-7's early. Either my shooting should have been better or I should have loaded the APCR earlier. Again I was too aggressive in the late game trying to pick up the Grille. I did take the time to wait for the Maus & Co before moving in but was still too keen to fix up more damage and put myself in a bad position.

Game 3 - ST-I - Loss - <1k http://wotreplays.com/site/2732023#cliff-shrewarmies-st-i

Because Skoda T50 is fair and balanced tank. Maybe it was a silly move to try and go to the mid ridge rather than the outer road but there was no way the Skoda's were not going to smash their way through the mid without some muscle there. I went mid and got smacked around. I hoped it would buy time for friendlies to get around and while it did that I simply did not do enough damage to justify going where I did.

Game 4 - VK 45.02 B - Loss - 3.9k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2732014#stats

This could have been a huge game. I knew that we had lost the forest so I tried to push in as hard as I could.  I took way more damage than I expected pushing the second corner and despite pumping out a bunch of damage we were unable to win our flank in time to turn around for the forest flank.

Game 5 - Lowe - Win - 1.8k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2732025#overlord-shrewarmies-l_we

I went to the wrong position early but between myself and the Tiger II I was mentoring along with our IS-3 we were able to hold and eventually push our position. Not a great game but not much went wrong either.


  Totals for the session:
Wins: 60%
Avg Tier: 8.6
" Kills: 1.4
Survival: 20%  
Hit%: 84.3%
WN8:   2904





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Day 5: I may not have enough time to get all 5 in this morning but we shall see.


Game 1 - Jagdtiger - Win - 1.2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2733868#overlord-shrewarmies-jagdtiger

This game was a classic case of slow tank syndrome. Our team absolutely crushed the foe so I was always a step behind. Somehow I managed to pick up 2 kills but both of those were very low damage. I did hit a Grille for over 700 in a single shot which was nice.

Game 2 - AMX CDC - Win - <1k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2733932#el_halluf-shrewarmies-amx_chasseur_de_chars

As is getting usual at least once a day in this I YOLO'd in because I was greedy. Both dumping into the middle and going after the kill on the CDC were greedy and I was not expecting the Grille to be there (not sure if he had been lit) so I was punished. A bad game in terms of damage and outcome but I feel like my positioning and starting movement were ok. I am not a fan of going wid, even in the CDC so that may be a flaw in my play.

Game 3 - T28 Prot - Loss - 2.2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2733915#windstorm-shrewarmies-t28_prototype

A couple of missed shots here, taking an extra shot from the KV -4 hurt :(. I think we really needed to push through the city due to the overmatch but I was not willing to start that as I was not with our main force, and was a lowest tier TD.  As it was I had to just put in some side shots into tanks but it was not enough. Worse still I ended up top on damage for the team.

Game 4 - Batchat 25t - Win - 1.5k

I am running out of time before I have to leave the house so I was way too aggressive in this game. YOLO'ing a Batchat for a tier 8 is bad play I have heard.

Game 5 - M41 Walker Bulldog - Win -  1k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2733951#mountain_pass-shrewarmies-m41_walker_bulldog

I was once again a little greedy in this game however I feel a little more justified in going after the E75 here as no other tanks had been spotted on the northern flank and between myself and a RHM an E75 would have been nothing but a burning hull after a while. I did not expect a 50B to be north and the E5 was obviously a surprise so I feel I made a risky decision that did not pay out rather than a reckless aggressive play.

 Totals for the session:
Wins: 80%
Avg Tier: 8.4
" Kills: 1.6
Survival: 0%  
Hit%: 89.3%
WN8:   1503


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Day 6: 


Game 1 - Jagdtiger - Loss - 4.2k http://wotreplays.com/site/2740690#malinovka-shrewarmies-jagdtiger

I should have gotten up the hill quicker but I don't know what else I could have done here. I couple more penetrations  would have upped my damage but the pubbies of the hill were shit and just kept dying. e.g. the front lining T32 in a tier 10 game or the E3 who camped the base the whole game. I felt like without the 416 or RU I could have been able hold the heavies in front of me all day.   Perhaps I should have fallen back and ceeded the ground? I don't think this is the right move but let me know.

Game 2 - M41 Walker Bulldog - Loss - <1k http://wotreplays.com/site/2740714#murovanka-shrewarmies-m41_walker_bulldog

Well fuck me. I went to the mid early and one of their tanks jumped over so we stayed to fight it out and I was cut down. I should have escaped  but felt like the 2 of us vs 1 of them would win and escape. When the  T54 jumped over  and targeted me I was done.

Only two quick games today. Game 2 is pretty obvious, what about game 1?


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Day 7:

Game 1 - T28 Prot - Win  3.2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2756360#mines-shrewarmies-t28_prototype

This game was not bad. I feel my shooting was a little off against the T-34-3 but other than that I felt like I picked a decent position considering there was no arty. My armour held up which was nice considering the HD nerf.

Game 2 - ST-I - Loss - 2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2756365#mountain_pass-shrewarmies-st-i

Fuck pubs + arty. I could have cleared out that whole patch of tanks at the back had the heavies turn around or had arty not smacked me in the back of the turret. Also fuck my tracking shot ion the arty.

Having calmed down I see that I should have driven over the burm straight at the arty and moved to a more arty safe location.

Game 3 - Lowe - Win - 3k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2756375#arctic_region-shrewarmies-l_we

My shooting was once again a little off. Does anybody have any ideas on how to improve here? I was a little cowardly but I was in a Lowe so I was not confident on pushing on the SP and Lowe, nor pushing on the lower road. As it was a dealt some respectable damage and ended the game top of team again.

Game 4 - Jadgtiger - Loss - 2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2756385#westfield-shrewarmies-jagdtiger

This was a really bad game. I was on the phone so my aiming at a bunch of tanks was really off. Note the bajilluion shots at the IS-7.

I sucked early and lost way too much health. Once I moved into the city I was doing a lot better but I had lost too much health to be really effective.



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Thanks for all the help guys.

Day 8:

Game 1) Game 1 - T28 Prot - Loss - 2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2758401#tundra-shrewarmies-t28_prototype

Slow tank is slow. I did not head back to base in time and the two that went back were clearly too busy watching paint dry on their 2nd monitors. Other than being capped out I felt that the game was ok.


Game 2) game 2 - ST-I - Loss - 3k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2758416#live_oaks-shrewarmies-st-i

Seriously fuck this game. How many fucking side turret shots does it take to kill a 400 HP Lowe? 8?

I decided to go rails because their had more top tier meds that I suspected would go that way and as the ST-I is best hull down I figured that was the way to go. We won that side and I figured that due to slow tank syndrome I needed to screen cap as best I could. I could have gone back and my whole team would have died before I made it anywhere relevant. Fuck people.


Game 3) AMX 13 90 - Win 2.7k http://wotreplays.com/site/2758428#fjords-shrewarmies-amx_13_90

I have not played my 13 90 in weeks/months and I think it showed. It was my first T8 tank so the stats are shite but I do like it and tend to use it for the more scoutier LT missions. Ignore my shooting at the KV 4 which was terrible. Does anybody have ideas for inital positioning for lights on Fjords from that spawn. The bush I went to was good 3 years ago but is clearly shite now. Usually I would go down to where I had the fight with the Black Dog and spot from there but felt that I would have been stuck if our overly heavy team all went south. Thoughts?

Game 4) IS-3 - Win - 1.1k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2758450#redshire-shrewarmies-is-3

I died early after the E75 poked me three times and put a shell in each time. Was my angling incorrect? The last shot at least seemed to go straight through my turret which suggests to me that he was either hitting the bar or was firing APCR. I did try and let the Tiger II get in front of me but when the E75 came around I go greedy for another shot and paid for my mistake.  +1 to Mr Mushroom for surviving against the stormtroopers he was fighting to give our team time to go across and help him out.

Game 5) Maus - Loss - 1.7k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2758464#mines-shrewarmies-maus

Retards driving into me early, Their med platoon stormed the hill against zero resistance. I decided to try and play roadblock to stop them swarming through the mid. They then also won the islands and I was silly and tried to keep my position. I should have withdrawn back to where I died to stop getting shot from multiple angles. It would have likely been for naught as only a single shell hitting my tank was not HEAT. Maus, best XP pinata since Beta


Day stats:

 Totals for the session:
Wins: 40%
Avg Tier: 8.6
" Kills: 1.2
Survival: 20%  
Hit%: 89.3%
WN8:   Unkniown 


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