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[SHH] (Don't waste the 9.15 platoon bonus) a no-TS platoon clan for good tankers who can't talk: `1600 RECENT WN8

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You want to platoon with good players and/or get that new platoon bonus in 9.15?..... but............. You don't want to wake the wife? Broke your headphones with the mic?  Don't speak English?  Mute?  A loner?  Or just don't want to talk while playing?  Whatever the reason, don't care.  SHH was designed for you.  

Not really a clan, just a group of guys who play in N.A. during primetime hours who want to platoon, but don't want to deal with all the other clan crap.  More than anything, this is just as a way of making sure you have at least one other good player on your team.  You can coordinate if you like, but the general idea is, just spam a clan-wide invite on what tiers you are playing.  IF you want to use the in-game talking system, fine, but its optional.

Minimum requirements:  1600+ recent WN8 stats. (We'd rather have active platooning BLUE tankers than a PURPLE tanker who never platoons)  Heavy play during the primetime NA hours, no excessive seal-clubbering, tiers 6 through 8 mostly.  (activity is critical, this is a platoon clan after all)  (might make exceptions for recent WN8 if you are close and trending upwards)




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If I could make one suggestion:

Having an overall requirement that's extremely close to your recent requirement essentially means that there's going to be a lot of potential recruits who might be over your recent requirement but under your overall requirement. It also means that people who are close to both of your requirements will tend to be of the plateaued variety.

My suggestion is that you drop the overall requirement.

Best of luck.

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Interesting! But without a TS, how you make fun of baddies while playing?


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You don't want to wake the wife?   check

A loner?  check

Or just don't want to talk while playing?  check

don't want to deal with all the other clan crap?  check

very tempting...



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It is tempting lolcat... it is...


Oh, btw Kenya... in WoW, I had a guild named "Kenyan Javelin Team" kek, your name reminded me of the good ol days.

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Gotta admit it's a tempting idea for me too. Generally don't like to platoon, but having bonuses for platooning? It's basically a big slap in the face for solo players...

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