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Invisifire Changes 5.6

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It's seeming that Concealment Expert no longer affects detection range after firing guns, whether by design or bug.


Pre 5.6 values with CE (all manually tested in training rooms for a notepad I created), followed by post 5.6 values:

Gearing 9.4 - 9.7
Khab 13.2 - 13.8
Shima 9.4 - 9.7
Des Moines 16.0 - 16.7
Zao 15.0 - 15.8
Gremy 9.5 - 9.9
Atago 14.5 - 15.2
Kamikaze R 8.7 - 9.0

Quemapueblos (NA dev) is going to figure out if it's an undocumented change or a bug.



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lets play the WG patch day game

"Is it a Feature or a Bug"

i mean, yeah they could nerf the Zao, but does the Khab/Gearing/Des really need a nerf, even if its a small one. What about premiums never getting nerfed, pretty sure this is a bug.

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5 hours ago, Mesrith said:

Honestly, invisifire is a pretty shady mechanic.  The game will be better off (slightly, as it will still exist but at longer ranges) if this is intended.

i like on stuff like the blyska, where its useful to have, but not super effective, something good players can leverage. On things like Zao, yeah, kinda meh mechanic

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That's hardly a bad nerf (for the Zao) even if it is intended. I stay more than 16km away anyway (only from BBs of course). Because why not...will hit anyway, the guns are god like :)

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