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Help improving my play

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Hello WotLabs,


I like to play meds so here are few games maybe you can give me some directions in order to improve my gameplay and also my winrate since I find pretty hard to win games solo.

Game1 http://wotreplays.com/site/2718136#swamp-never2far-a-44

Game2 http://wotreplays.com/site/2718142#el_halluf-never2far-a-44

Game3 http://wotreplays.com/site/2718144

All three games were played consecutively so I was pretty disappointed by how it goes today. 

Game4 http://wotreplays.com/site/2718152#kharkov-never2far-koda_t_50

Game5 http://wotreplays.com/site/2718153#cliff-never2far-koda_t_50



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Your links are 404ing for me. Maybe you set the replays to private?

And if you really care about win rate, then you should probably platoon a lot. I normally solo pub, and I'm dealing with this:



Ignore the DPG. Lots of derp games cus I've been gone for a year.


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For the last replay (Cliff with the new tier 9 medium), I don't like the way you start off. One of the best ways to get early, free damage on the map in a medium is to go towards mid, situate yourself in some cover, and aim your gun at E/F 4/5. You missed easy shots on the Centurion. Afterwards, I like to peek the mid bush (the one where you saw the Ob 140 at).  Since only mediums are there when you get there, you light their heavies for free and either get free shots or exchange a shell with another medium there. Be careful if the other team has like 4 Russian mediums, though.

Since you saw so many tanks at E/F 3, I would have played a bit more passively since getting shot at from all sides kinda sucks. It was unfortunate that you bounced the WZ-131, but I would have focused on the Ob 140 since you're in an OP autoloading tank. More so, he was the only one mid, and if you win mid, then you will have an easier time dealing with E/F 3 since you can sit back, outspot them, and snipe.

I'm really confused why you reloaded your clip when you saw the Ob 140 tracked and out in the open. You would have had a favorable trade, so there was really no reason to run.

Well, the biggest mistake was just running from the IS-7 since you ended up getting track and losing most of your HP. You were in a perfectly fine spot behind the house (their E/F 3 forces hadn't poked out once, so it's safe enough to assume they probably won't bother you for a bit), where you could have waited the reload and engage the IS-7. Your trades will be very favorable since you have an autoloader. Plus the IS-7 didn't even bother to look at you, and you had a good amount of your team there, so you should have just fought. Personally, I think one of the bad mentalities to get into is "I can't get shot at since I need full HP to carry". The new meta (I've been gone for a year) seems to be very death ball-y and much more one sided, so you won't always have a lot of forces spread around the map making sure the enemy doesn't get into weird spots and fuck you up while you retreat, so it's best to hold your ground if you can. I guess the best way to think about it is that it's better to fight in a slightly unfavorable situation than to try to run away into a worse one without even weakening up the enemy forces. Of course, this could very well have turned out differently.

I'm not even sure what you're trying to do after that, though. You push the E-75 for no reason (you couldn't even trade him effectively since you're one shot, and you're playing in the TD death alley and there's literally an FV215b 183 sitting there). Your team also lost the whole upper section of the map, so I don't think there's really anything you can do anymore especially with no hp. I also think your mouse sensitivity is too high since your crosshair was everywhere when you tried to shoot back the Centurion.

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Hey Mami_Momoe, 

Thanks for the feedback. I have only 30games in Skoda t50 and I don't have the latest engine yet si I wanted to run from IS7 because I was sure I can't pen him from the front and I can't get behind him in time and I will die. Now regarding e75 I wanted him to push and do anything that staying there and wait for the entire team to die and when I've seen he will remain there ...then I had no idea what to do since I was kind of pinned down there. 


Now regarding my sensitivity you are probably right since I've just received the mouse (Sensei from Steelseries in case it's important)...so do you have any tips improving or finding the right sensitivity ?


And another question would be - how you manage to win games in such situations like the ones you saw in those replays ?



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You would have gotten side shots on the IS-7.

You can't force pubbies to do anything. Any when you're pinned the best is just to just deal as much damage as possible. And of course get kills. You probably won't live passed the first shot, but you will be surprised what RNG can do...

You mostly want to play at a sens that you're used to, but you want to make sure that your sens isn't too high since it's harder to aim accurately. It's not super important in WoT, but being unable to snapshot is an issue.

You just gotta make a play and try to live and do damage. I just had a game on Fisherman's Base north spawn, but I couldn't make a play from mid since I was there 1v5, so I got a few pot shots in (~1.5k spread around a lot of tanks), and left since our heavies didn't even bother going into city. We lost since we made a 1-2 line push that failed. I ended up just farming as much as I could before I got ganked. The loss was 100% because I left mid and we lost city, but I don't really think it could've worked out any other way since the enemy team had like 2 LT, a Leopard, the new Czech tier 10, and an E-50 mid... Sometimes you really can't do anything due to pubbies being pubbies.


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