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Escape from Tarkov

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So i just found about this game, still in development by some Russians, someone else might be interested in it.

At a glance gameplay seems to be a mix of day-z + the division, without using the godawful ARMA engine or being another shitty Ubisoft AAA game.




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I've been keeping an eye on this game for about 8 months now. The main concept is very similar to DayZ, main differences being that it shouldn't be a clunky, buggy mess. A couple points of interest:

- Extremely minimal HUD, no crosshairs and shit.

- Incredible weapon customisation


The devs have gone all out with the weapons and how you can customize them, here's a short vid just showing it off. 



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it looks really solid for an alpha. hit reg seems really bad at the moment tho, something that can easily be fined tuned in the beta. overall this looks a lot more promising than dayz

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Game is fucking amazeballs, BUT it is suffering horribly with desync at the moment.
Devs are on the case and a patch that should address it is supposedly right around the corner, and they've put in some work on the server side, so it's going the right way.

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Fingers crossed the patch helps.

I measured the bandwidth usage of the game yesterday and it was doing 100-150kB/s constantly and peaked at 300kB/s...
Sending upto 400 packets per second, most of the time around 250-300.

Fucking insane.

Game is fucking awesome though.

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Well it's a lot better since the patch now, still desyncs on EU but a lot better regardless.

And -25% off for those who are still hesitating buying this for some reason!

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