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Skoda / TVP help needed

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I really like them both, and while being far from great, I feel like I'm doing decent.
Usually I start the match by rushing out, trying to get my first clip out as fast as possible. That might be an aggressive med position, as you can see by the avg. spots, or, if there's a good scout and a map allowing it, a second line position from where I can empty my clip while the enemy team is deploying.
I might derp sometimes and lose a good chunk of my HP doing that, but for the most part I'll take non or minimal return fire.

After that first move I'll try to play support, pumping damage into distracted enemys until mid- to late-game, when you can flank and finish off anyone < 1000 HP. Again, sometimes I'll be too aggressive and overextend too early, but for the most part the great mobility saves me at leat from total destcruction. Also with the amount of clickers nowadays I'll often be very cautious. With 3 of them on the enemy team, which happens fairly regular, I might even play too passive.

I just can't win (enough)! Both are my highest DPG tanks for T9/T10, yet both have the lowest winrates. With a combined 600 matches I'd think the sample size is large enough to make bad luck extremely unlikely. So what am I doing wrong here?

Anyone willing to review a bunch of replays, and, if so, how many would you need to come to a conclusion?

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Check the topics in the Czech section of the Vehicles forum - there are a number of topics in there with lots of replays of how to play the tanks, including some posts I made (I posted a lot of replays on my way to 3 MoE on the T 50).

Alternatively, I would advise you play the tanks more aggressively than you are. They excel at stomping people quickly, then retreating. Obviously, you don't want to trade 1 for 1, so time your pushes between reloads, isolate enemies 1 on 1, make sure they're not covered by camping TDs etc, and then swoop.

These tanks are probably the two best in the game at their respective tiers right now. I would say 'par' dmg-wise for the tier 9 for a 2k WN8 player like you would be 2,500 - 2,750 and the tier 10 2,750 - 3,000, so I think you are under-performing in terms of both W/R and dmg (no offence).

Your KPG is also really low, so I'm not sure you are prioritizing the right targets (i.e. killing enemies you can kill to get guns out of the game, and also so they can't shoot you on reload).

Not everyone has time to view replays, but by all means post some and I'm sure some people would be happy to take a look. Try not to cherry pick them - just show your last 5, or next 5, rather than looking for 'good' or 'bad' games.

For sake of reference so you know I'm not talking out my arse:


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I'm a shitter, but I find playing Skoda T-50 easier than playing 50/51. Idk what it is about 3 shells vs. 4... but I prefer 3.

I think it's take 2 shots, duck under cover, instead of squeezing that last shell out, and getting shot back at. While, with 50/51, I'm regularly finding myself trying to squeeze 3? Idk... the 50/51 gets better camo too!

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I'm no purple poster, but judging purely by your W/R, I think this is a case more of you needing to read the map better and just having better overall situational awareness. My advice would be to think before you act. The Skodas are hella fast, which might prompt you to rush out and get damage early, but it might also be causing you to overextend alot and die early or lose alot of HP. Play the game a bit slower: always make sure your teammates are not far behind, always make sure you can retreat if necessary (and do so when you can see your flank falling), and pay close attention to the minimap, your team's dispersion, and the enemy's dispersion. The Skodas, and autoloaders in general, have alot of downtime in between clips, which gives you ample time to pull back and assess the current state of the battle.

I also recommend watching some of Zeven's replay reviews on Youtube. He does an incredible job of breaking down replays and showing you how the correct mentalities with which to approach a battle. His videos helped me out alot, and because of them, I've been playing so much better recently.

Also, did I mention to keep an eye on the minimap? Literally always be watching the minimap unless you are shooting or performing evasive driving. Even when I play FPS games, like BF or CoD, I try to keepmy eyes are on the minimap almost exclusively unless I am in combat. You will benefit so much from the situational awareness you gain from this, and over time you will notice patterns and trends in each battle, as well as how to respond to them.

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Thank you guys so far.

Been watching Zeven a lot lately, and it really helped me improve my T10 gameplay. Been stuck around ~2k WN8 in them for a while and now improved by ~500 points fairly consistent:
I've always been watching my minimap, but mainly to react to what's happening. Pre-acting on what WILL happen is so much more useful and I'm getting better at reading the battleflow.

Spent a couple hours yesterday to look through my replays, and I think I found my main weakness being wrong target priorisation. Not necessariliy a focus-fire problem, I DO try to get guns out of the game, but I found myself often shooting targets which don't pose the greatest threat to my teams win. So there I have a point to work on.

Considering cherry-picking replays, I don't think it's useful to waste anyones time watching me making stupid mistakes I can easily figure out myself or me playing a flawless battle not doing any crucial mistakes at all. Sure, a dark-purple will probably find some smaller mistakes I don't see, but those are not my main concern for now.
Someone reviewing replays where I don't have a clue what to do or where I can't see what I did wrong would be more effective, I'd think.
I'll upload some of those after my next session.

One thing I still don't get though is why most of my other high tier tanks have considerable less DPG while maintaning a higher winrate. Certainly my ability to read a map doesn't change with different tanks, even if so, it should be better in an autoloader, having the clip-time to think about what's going on and reposition?!

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19 minutes ago, TheMarine0341 said:

More so than anything, this is a pitch perfect example of how to utilize the clipping power of the Skoda T50 and T50/51

Grats, nice match!
Yes, you getting triggered was clearly visible - and also predictable. When you stopped there at ~2.30 I was thinking "hmmm, didn't see arty shoot, if I was sitting thered he'd certainl...BLAP! exactly"

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1 hour ago, monty50k said:

When you stopped there at ~2.30 I was thinking "hmmm, didn't see arty shoot, if I was sitting thered he'd certainl...BLAP! exactly"

I pretend arty doesnt exist until it does exist. Then I adapt my gameplay. As you see, I dont run any more mods than the damage log so I have no clue if he's running XVM or what area of the map he's in. Then of course, I dont get touched the rest of the match :disco::QBFlip:

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hey, im also gonna play a lot of tvp on my stream upcomming days, swing by if your intrested in improving your tvp gameplay. also, i've got a replaypack from x3n4 upcomming next on my youtube channel, but it's gonna take a while until that is released, as im still uploading some other games before that ^^


considering winrate with skoda and tvp: both are no carry tanks, you can farm dmg in them like in no other tanks, but winning games you will have to go to more reliable and allrounder friendly vehicles..

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