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Found one





So who'd have thought, I'm looking for a clan.

What i can offer:

  • blue WN8s
  • quite some humor (kiddin, I'm german)
  • experience of 15k+ randoms,~500 CW's & 5000+ skirmishes
  • can perform on decent Lvl @ T10 / no lowtierpadding
  • 92% Gunmark on AMX ELC (okay a bit lowtierpadding)
  • a bit ESL experience (got to Open League Finals RO32)
  • pretty much all competitive T8s and T10s (RU-251,113 + Skoda/TVP soon to be unlocked)



What you should be able to offer (not everything necessary):

  • stable,nice community
  • stats around mine, although i don't mind if I'd be the superscrub in your clan, I'm always willing to improve.
  • daylie skirmishes (T8/10 at least 4/7)
  • no super tryhard skirmishes (aka. 6 IS-3 & 4 T-54 and no IS-5 or grinding tanks allowed)
  • potential to get a T10 reward tank 
  • idk


So yes. If you're interested in me (#nohomo) just post down below or send me a pm. I'll try to talk with everyone and wanna play some skirmishes with every promising clan. Just don't rush me, I'll take my time and props won't join a new clan before  mid/end of july. Football EC:disco: and exams:feelsbad: are coming. If you got questions, just ask, i don't want to make this wall of text unnecessary long ._.





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