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GOG Summer Sale begins, free games

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Steam may now be run by miserable bastards who think what people want is sales of 50% off ten year old games so Activision don't get upset, but there's always Gog.com with sales of 75% off twenty year old ones..  Highlights at the moment include the Lucasarts pack and Planescape & co.

Some free stuff occurring throughout, but opening with System Shock 2 free for the first two days.  Hot piss!


Edit: probably fair to mention you need to install the GOG Galaxy client to get it.  It looks a bit arse these days, but this can be fixed up quite a bit with https://www.systemshock.org/?topic=4447.0

Like the old Thief games, the visuals may be dated, but by Karras the sound design is absolutely timeless.  Remarkable achievements.

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Yeah, System Shock rocked, although it's very dated now. I actually preferred the setting and storyline of the first one on Citadel Station. 

SHODAN was/is one of my favourite game antagonists.

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