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Invite me to fill for Strongholds and sometimes Clan Wars

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Please invite me for Strongholds anytime.  If you coordinate strongholds with your clan then please add me to your friend list and send me invites to Strongholds.  I may not join.  I may already be in a Stronghold.  Please, just send the invites and I may join occasionally.


Also, I may be up for Clan Wars on occasion.  I can join a clan for a night or a few days and shoot some stuff.  


My Stats. 

Here's a link to my detailed tank #s on Clan Tools


I can do voice chat.  I try to follow orders.  I can left click on the enemies a reasonable amount of the time.  Sometimes I look at the minimap.  I'm certainly not the best tanker but I'm better than having nobody in that last spot.


I am capable of calling.  Mostly, I try to do basic standard play.  I'd prefer to listen and learn from your callers.  If you don't have callers I can help give advice on the basics of calling.  I can make cool minimap gifs of battles.  Here's one battle I called. This was when Overlord just came out and we had no idea how it played.  We brought 10 fast tanks and just ran around until the enemy messed up.  


I don't care if your clan is particularly good or bad.  I have joined tons and tons of clans for occasional tanking.  I'd like to join tons and tons more.  Please add me and send me invites.

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I don't want a clan invite.  I want friend list invites.  If your clan is doing something fun and I'm off cooldown I might join for a night or two.  I'd want to know about it first before joining any clan.

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