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BUNEH- Best Unit Nobody Ever Heard of

Guess who’s back…. Back again…. Guess who’s back…Tell a friend….

Buneh is back and recruiting for T10 end game CW’s. Buneh has been around the competitive scene for a few years. We were BUNEH back in the early days of Petco, then we changed to BUNNY when we grew up and made our presence known on the CW (1.0 map).

As BUNNY we placed top 15 in the IS5 campaign and got everyone who participated in the event the tank with 15 of us receiving the special edition version. BUNNY then closed shop and merged with portions of PBKAC prior to the start of the 4th campaign and once again did fairly well and placed high enough (top 15 once again) to get everyone involved in fighting their choice of T10 reward tank.

Now its time to rebuild BUNNY as some of us never quite forgot the friends that we bade in BUNNY and how things were done. Therefore, a few of us have gotten together to bring that experience and comradery back. Unfortunately, we were not able to get the BUNNY tag back and instead are bringing back the old school BUNEH tag. So without further ado……


What We Want:
- 1600+ WN8 Overall
- 2100 WN8 30/60 Day
- 500+ Battles last 30/60 Days
- 4 Clan Wars Preferred Tier 10's
- Be mature enough to know when it's OK to be completely immature
- Be available for Clan Wars 4+ nights a week
- Have a working mic and have the ability to use it
- Have a fully working TS3 client

Come into our ts if you have any questions.




What You Get:



- Nightly Clan Wars and Stronghold Detachments
- Random Wardecks in the search for good fights
- Active Team Speak community
- Clan community nights
- To be in a Dank Meme clan according to tomato CLAMS
- Sweet Pink Playboy forum clan tag and the Trademark Bunny ears on your tank
- All access to the Bunny pictures of your dreams

- Patented BUNEHPACK mods to ensure you have the best RNG, can pen every shot and win every battle according to tomato Pubbies

- And best of all All Nation HE strats versus random clams in SH's...




We have good Buneh's

We have bad Buneh's

We have Emo Buneh's







Anime buneh's




Killer buneh's

We even have the normal cute and fluffy buneh's




We have every Buneh you could want. So if you are interested in joining Buneh and meet the requirements or are close, contact one of our officers via PM or hop on over to the Petco TS: (ts.petcogaming.com)

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First, "competitive" clan I was ever in and was a good group to get to know people and network to move up. I also want to say that although all of the brass is new and different in this iteration of BUNEH, Georgie is a decent dude and Silvers from my limited run-ins with him seems pretty chill. I for one enjoyed my limited time there and would recommend BUNEH to anyone who wants to find a chill clan to grow as a player.  


RIP ColdSteel

RIP dfaKnox

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The old BUNEH was the first semi-competitive clan I was ever in. Good luck old friends.

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^^^Get on my level with the Recruiting posts friends XD ^^^ I guess now ill just have to come back and show yall how its done ;)

In all seriousness Tankers- Buneh 2.0 Really deserves a shot with you- Buneh was probably the BEST atmosphere clanwise i've ever been apart of (I compare any new clan I join to Buneh/Bunny), and they're a pretty decent bunch of tankers. Things will be slow in the beginning, but hang in there, and im sure the clan is going to be Kicking ass in no time :) 


           -Former BUNNY CO/Professional clam killer apparently-

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LOL thanks. This isn't my 1st recruitment post. :D i've made more than a few for Buneh/bunny over the years. Did want the Slim Shady video of guess who's back...back again but with a bunny logo to replace him but it kind of fell through due to RL stuff. I'll figure out how to get that though and I'll be set


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8 minutes ago, 1n_Soviet_Russia said:

Everyone has surpassed you stat wise.... :^)

LOL yeah I'm learning the error of my ways and have significantly cut back my arty play. Still have those games though where I go full retard or get nuked from the orbital deathrays. but they are on an upward trajectory at least ;)


And we'll have a karaokie night once we start getting more in. :) that or if we're drunk enough one night. :D

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Well some retarded powertripping new moderator on the main forums gave me a warning and moderated my recruitment thread on the WOT Forums......Apparently the good/bad and killer bunny were too much for their virgin eyes.


Those damn pictures have been in my recruitment posts for the last 2+ years.



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