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For all of you math geeks, I just got through statistics and passed the final exam.   This particular professor had a lot of "weekly discussion questions" where he would want us to come up with our own problems to demonstrate yadda yadda yadda...


To keep my brain interested I pretty much did a 5 year old's version of WIN8 as my common theme using the known variables (at least known to me).  The last question of the year I did an addendum to my answer and gave him my source inspiration, a few cut and paste formulas and a page or two (this being one of them) to show just how active math is out there.


Regardless, he shot me an email and did about 2 paragraphs talking about how interesting it was etc.. etc...   

So let me just say this, I have a new found appreciation for those of you who actually enjoy this kind of thing, and are willing to take your personal time to do the real work, the hard work.  So keep pounding out the Mode, Mean, Medium, Range, Mid Range, Biviarates, Causations and Probabilities so geeks like me can stare at our pretty colors.





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