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1900/53 recent shitter need clam

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Long story short, the last clam I was in died (also the first clam I joined) and I would like to have a better clam. I don't have experience with calling, but eventually would like to learn and would also like to become a better player from playing in the clan. Below is a list of tenks I have that I believe are viable options for clam wars/strongholds.

T10s: none right now because I'm a shitter:kjugh:(I'm close to getting some though)

T8s: T49, Ru 251, M 41 90, RHM, T-54 ltwt, IS-3A, KV-4, ISU-152, AMX 13 90, and WZ-132

T6s: Cromwell B, OI, KV-2, SU-100Y, TOG II, Type 64, and T-34-85 Rudy (Skoda T25 too maybe?)

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Get some tier X's and we at SSGS would take you, I'm sure. There are other shitters like us here, some a bit better. But the lack of tier X's would be a problem for most good clans.

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