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Live Stream of Sandbox

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Im working on being given permission to live stream the SandBox server and its headed a positive direction for being given that permission. What kind of things would you all be interested in seeing, and what kind of questions would you 'possibly' like answered?

I cannot promise that I can or will answer all questions directly, and some of what I stream or record to upload could be restricted beyond just showing what it could look like. And any questions asked about other content within the Sandbox outside of what I am able to show, I would not be able to answer either.

Some things I would like to cover (which are common knowledge right now) and will specifically look to get permission to cover:
Training room penetration/accuracy examples at range
Mobility 'races'
Current tank stats
Personal Opinions about balance
Stun effects

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Nice! It seems the sandbox parameters is still rather fluent, so I'm not sure if it has to be that specific (regarding 'races', accuracy). I would like see a run-down on the idea of roles for tank classes, since this seem to be the guide for setting the tank parameters. Also, would be nice to see what are the main differences to current gameplay (I played the sandbox yesterday in my E100 and switched to full HE after 2min. Top damage dealer that game?!).

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