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Tryhard looking for help with TVP 50/51


Hi guys, I got myself the 50/51 after having an AWESOME time in the skoda t50 expecting to have a similar experience in this tank...

To my suprise I can't win in this thing if my life depended on it. My dpg is crap, same as in the skoda. But while i did get a ridiculos wr of over 70% in my skoda, my wr in the 50/51 is below 50%.

What am I missing? Is there a serious playstile difference on the t10 oposed to the t9?

Is anyone willing to toon up on EU in his 50/51 so I can see what am I doing wrong?

I guess i'll post some replays of my"performance" in the tank so u can give me some pointers.

This thing is such a chore to drive that i'm actually considering selling a t10 for the first time (and I didn't even sell the pos 268 post nerf)

How do u 50/51?

Heeeeeelp :feelsbad:

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The TVP has a significantly higher skill floor, since it has remarkably less survivability, higher exposer time (due to bigger clip), and less effective damage.

Exposure time is something that one truly needs to master in this tank (and being my first tier 10 autoloader, i also need to improve): do not try to use your full clip at all times, since it most likely will result in an epic loss of hp, crippling you for the rest of the game. Try to sneak in 2, at most 3 shells during peeking. You can afford to not use the full clip since reload time is manageable anyways, so do not be scared to reload (with certain exceptions, but this all comes to down to personal skill and intuition, on which i cannot advise). Your full clip should be used only when sniping (either unspotted or 100% safe to clip fully) or in brawling ( another thing: never brawl unless you are sure you can take out the enemy, including a worst-case scenario calculation with low rolls)


The tank has way less effective damage than the Skoda. What is effective damage? It is the damage you can actually put out on the field. Inspite of having 4 instead of 3 shells in the clip, and less time between shells, your 248 pen will let you down more than once if you expect too much. bounces are already a common occurance in the Skoda, which goes against tier 7 and tier 8, many of which are completely destroyed/mortally crippled with 3 shells.

On the other hand, 4 shells at tier 10 will certainly hurt, but will not prevent retaliation if you are too close to the enemy. And many shells from medium and long range will bounce of the enemy. Even evident weakspots like lower plates and others are certainly not a 100% chance of penetrating unless counterangled in your favour.


While with the Skoda you can be quite arrogant and cheeky on the battlefield, with the 50/51 you need to play on dpm and ambushes, relocating often and keeping the enemy at bay.


So there´s my advice.

(Might stats on the 50%51 are not great either, but i think i got the hang of this after getting over the learning curveand can now safely manage around 4k damage per battle. But maybe someone even better than me might weigh in)

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