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Fought a Scharnhorst earlier. It looks a lot like a Tirpitz. Fast, tough and with small but rapid firing guns. It was certainly able to damage me in my Tirpitz and it did a good job brawling. I still killed it pretty easily when it was broadside because lol 20k salvoes without citadel pens.

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On ‎7‎/‎11‎/‎2016 at 0:06 PM, ncc81701 said:

But two fore quad 13" guns, seems a bit underpowered for a BB at that tier. I'm actually really curious as to what will line the French tree given that the only other more advance BB they had built was the Richelieu. Seems like T8-10 will all be paper ships. 

Armored belt at 13.5 " seems OK but not great, but with almost 7" to 8" deck armor  in places this might be a good BB to keep at mid to long range as it would be very effective vs plunging fire.

Not sure on the guns (2x quad mounted 15") though because at the Battle of Dakar they had reliability issues.

From wiki


Richelieu was hit by two 15-inch shells from Barham. On the second day of action, guns 7 and 8 (in turret number 2) of Richelieu failed on the first round. The following day, the crews were switched and main turret number 1 was used. Propellant charges reconditioned from charges left by the battleship Strasbourg in Dakar, during winter 1939, were used but these gave a significant reduction in range and caused problems of fire control. Over the two days Richelieu fired a total of 24 rounds. No hits were recorded by Richelieu.


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Wikipedia conveniently had this drawing of SMS Bayern:



Will WG give it 30mm bow armor to resist 16 inch oppressors? Maybe just for lower half of the bow like this diagram?

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Scharnhorst  looks dank as fuck... all of the cruiser stuff i like (minus some meh dispersion), but it wont get 1 shot by every idiot BB sniping from the back 

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Minus the 14 inch guns the Scharnhorst is a bigger better faster more armored Battleship than the Kongo which most people like that fires almost as fast as cruisers with 8 inch guns.

The previous 28 cm gun was the SK C/28 used on the Deutschland class. The Scharnhorst class received an improved version of the SK C/28 which had a longer barrel—the SK C/34.

I don't know if these numbers from wiki are good, but if they are .... WOW

Effectiveness of the guns against armor in different situations[citation needed]
Distance 0 7,900 m (8,600 yd) 15,100 m (16,500 yd) 18,288 m (20,000 yd) 27,432 m (30,000 yd)
Shooting angle[deg] 0 3.3 7.4 9.7 18.7
Shell hitting angle[deg] 0 4.4 10.3 15.2 30.2
Shell velocity at target 890 m/s (2,900 ft/s) 693 m/s (2,270 ft/s) 552 m/s (1,810 ft/s) 496 m/s (1,630 ft/s) 420 m/s (1,400 ft/s)
Side armor belt penetration 604 mm (20 in) 460 mm (20 in) 335 mm (10 in) 291 mm (10 in) 205 mm (8 in)
Deck armor penetration -

19 mm (0.7 in)

41 mm (2 in) 48 mm (2 in)

76 mm (3 in)

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