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Just posted this on the official forum but maybe here the chances of getting actual help are better:

Every patch brings up the same error for me:

When patching, the installer takes the *.xdiff/*.rdiff files from "World_of_Tanks\UpdatesData\client\patch#\res\packages\", applys them to the corresponding *.pkg files in "World_of_Tanks\res\packages" and generates new *.pkg files from it.


At least it does that on every PC except mine, somehow the launcher is not able to perform this step on my system and I have no idea why. The logfile (example from todays WoWS patch, its the same for WoT) just reads:

apply bin-diffs. process file: name="basecontent_0001.pkg."
06/07/2016 18:04:20 kill safe: rename: file="G:\Games\World_of_Warships\UpdatesData\sdcontent\wows_0.\res_packages\basecontent_0001.pkg", what="rename file", msg=""G:\Games\World_of_Warships\UpdatesData\sdcontent\wows_0.\res_packages\basecontent_0001.pkg" to "G:\Games\World_of_Warships\UpdatesData\sdcontent\wows_0.\res_packages\basecontent_0001.pkg.a505560d.killme"
system error: (0x2)"Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.""

("Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden." = "file not found" )
The *.rdiff file is there, the old *.pkg file is there, but it fails to create the new *.pkg file from them.
The only way I am able to install the game is to actually install on another PC and copy the ready patched *.pkg files to the UpdatesData\...\ folder on my PC. (Manually creating the *.pkg files and then downloading the already patched *.pkg's via integrity check also works)

Support has not been able to help so far, maybe here someone with a little programming knowledge has an idea?

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Have you used "WoT Tweaker" in the past?


That aside - did you try downloading the whole client after deleting all WoT files incl. the folder where preferences.xml is located (Sorry dont know the path atm)? How does it behave with a fresh client (patching that one)?

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No, never used Wot Tweaker.

When I do a clean install (after deleting tempfiles, appdata files and manually cleaning the registry) it works when the install is from 0 to the latest patch (then there are no *.xdiff/*.riff files but only up-to-date *.pkg files). Unfortunately most of the times that's not the case, it's usually an incremental patch from 0 to older patch# to latest patch# so it brings up the same problem.

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Try the following - low chance of success

  • download the latest version of 7zip and install it
  • go to the WoT main folder and cut out the 7z.dll - paste it on your desktop (backup)
  • after that go to the install path of 7zip and make a copy of the 7z.dll and paste it into the WoT main folder
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While that doesn't raise my hope too high it's actually related to the problem and makes more sense than anything WG support ever said.

I'll try next patch, thanks.

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