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Well We tried to make BUNEH a thing again but it just never took traction and people started burning out. I've been in a PETCO themed clam for 3 years and seeing as I have about as much of a chance as an ice cube surviving long in H3LL of getting into Otter, looks like my PETCO time is done.


I know there isn't many "teal" level clans around anymore and my stats are too low for all of the "top clans" but they are what they are. Slow and steady improvement but with 30K+ battles overall isn't going to go up fast. So I'm looking at fairly competitive clans. No training clans or T6 CW clans please. I would prefer T10 but can deal with 8 if needed. Gold's not my primary motivation for a clan. I've got a good job and can buy my own if needed. Stats are in the signature below.


What I can offer.....Command experience, I've done pretty much everything there is for a clan except Quartermaster. I can recruit, XO, chips etc.  I've got most of the required T10's for CW (to include the 53/55) and can buy the E100 if needed. As far as T8's go I've got the most used ones for SH/CW and have the fastboi 6's for SH's.


Just send me a PM and I'll sort through the offers. I dropped tags today so would be a few days before I could get into any clan. Looking for a reason to keep playing to be honest.

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