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I have 3500 battles in, and I am not happy with my progress. I am here looking for any help that is offered to me. I would like to find someone who is willing to work with me. Perhaps someone can identify the mistakes that keep me from achieving the stats that I would like to have. Any help or suggestions would be welcome. I am willing to work extremely hard to improve. I can be contacted here, in game, or at vnav.enjin.com  Same username at all locations.

Thank you all


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This is a pretty much comprehensive guide on how to improve. It covers the basics, but if you want to improve recognize that you'll have to put in effort.


Also read this; 

Really, many of the articles on WotLabs are gold. Though they're old they're still very relevant. I also recommend watching streamers like Zeven and Overlord_Prime.

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Thank you! I have learned much here already. Now if I can incorporate the info into my game play  (difficult with this thick skull) perhaps I can start moving forward. 

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7 hours ago, Archaic_One said:

Welcome to wotlabs, you've already taken the first step.

what he said.

but one of the most important things in world of tanks is positioning. not overextending, therefore sucking out and dying, is one of the first things you have to learn, along with not sitting too far away from the battle. read some articles on map positioning-


once you have read then read this article on game flow by kraft lawrence. some of the concepts are advanced, but it is important to realise that oxerextending and camping are the two biggest mistakes new players make


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Thanks to all, (may be an anomaly) but Ave dmg, xp, frags and win rate up drastically in the last three days. Great material. Would it be permissible to post it on my clan forum?

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