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Kolni does YouTube replay reviews, send replays!

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Hi Kolni,

I was wondering if you could take a look at the following two games that I lost in?  I felt in the beginning of the game that there was a good chance for a win but we ended up losing.  I'd really like to hear your feedback on what I might have done differently that could have made a difference in the game.



Thanks so very much and I really loved hearing your prior replay feedback that you've done!

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I have two games which I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

1. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3327063

I played this game like absolute fucking trash, I know. Apart from the obvious mistakes, what else could I have done?

2. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3338474#el_halluf-spinee-wz-132

This game, however, I think I played very, very well. Again, interested to hear what I could have done different.

Thanks :)

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I guess I should've pushed instead of letting Grille and UDES farm my team. Not sure where though, I just got stuck on that hill. Endgame was also poorly executed, still could've won perhaps. I'd like to see how you'd approach it.

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It was a win but I lost way too much health doing it, stopping for the 13 90 was stupid and taking the hits from the skorpion was awful, but what else should I have done?

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I feel like I was baffling around too much, without really deciding should I go back to defend or push and clean the flank first. End result is fine, but I got really lucky few times (you'll see :)). It is pretty intense game where we were down 2 vs 9 at one point.

Also in my replay my aiming is somehow jumping around, it's not like that in actual gameplay. Not sure what causes that.


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