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T-44-100: the Attack of the Clone

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2 minutes ago, Tanager said:

It's today's Advent Calendar goodie (at least on NA), albeit in a huge bloated bundle.  Since the T-44 has a place in my garage, I don't see much of a reason to buy this thing (and I have a Rudy for crew training).

Cross post from reddit since I'm lazy. Note this tank is friggin expensive even when unbundled. It's a good earner and an equally good trainer for crews and medium play in general, but underwhelming as a tank. Anyway:


They need to buff this to ridiculous levels in order for this to be worth the price. As it is it's more expensive than the Lowe which is already the priciest out there. Yet performance wise it's worse than the buffed STA-2, Revalorise and Kimichi Patton, not to mention the T26E5 (though that is more of a heavium).

The highlights of this tank are the oh-so-comfy gun handling, tiny silhouette and consequently the bullshit Romulan-cloaking-levels of camo. But all of these hardly lend towards typical medium play. If nothing else, the weak gun and middling DPM forces it into a playstyle that is distinctly scout-ish. Make no mistake, this tank plays more like a light tank than any other T8 medium, the CDC included.

Speaking as a heavium player, I prefer tanks which can leverage either raw firepower or armour, or, preferably, both. But the T-44-100 is at least a welcome change. It's decently fun to play, and despite being a bad damage farmer, it does earn excellent credits only slightly short of the 50t.

Objectively, this tank is pretty mediocre as a medium. If you are a light player and coming from the Soviet or Chinese scout line, you should be right at home. If I had to make an analogy, I'd say that the T-44 fits in much the same niche as an Obj 140, except without the godly DPM, and sees relative to its strengths, modern MBTs.

I hope they do get around revamping the 50t, CDC, and 44-100. Something like an armour and gun handling buff to the 50t, an aimtime buff to the CDC to make its gun laser-like and not derpy, and an all round soft-stat buff to the 44-100 to make it a snapshotting god (atm it's more of a demigod). Those tanks may not be weaker than, say, the FV4202 or the Panther II, but they can be and often are frustrating to play.


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Just had quite a baller of a game on Sand River, 4.1k Dmg, 1350 Base XP and.... just 1st Class Mastery?!

Who in the flying F is playing this tank so good that you can't get Ace Mastery with over 1300 Base?!

l.e.: sorry for necro-ing this, I afterwards saw a more recent topic about this tank

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