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More luck than skill (Löwe Replay Review)

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Wow, thanks for that nice hint, Folterknecht! Very handy add-on.

As for that video: Nice commenting, interesting replay, lots of luck involved though, but one thing made me raise my eyebrows more than once (and made my german Grammar Nazi soul cry): The spelling of the tank's name.

I didn't even recognize it at first. "tier 8 premium low? What is he even talking about?"  I thought. Please, the "E" is there for a reason. For an english/american tongue it might be a little difficult to spell, i admit. It would be something like "Loaf-a". (better yet: sorry for Klugscheißing)

Maybe you can use it for your next video. :kwim:

Another thing: That music, apart from blocking out most of the german community (thanks to copyright bullshit) could be left out easily and nobody would miss it.

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