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Help w/ Skoda T40

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So, I thought I'd get this tank to train other crews in the same line, however I can't seem to make this tank work. What tactics along with setup can anyone recommend before I sell this?



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Its a solid tank, worthwhile keeping for SH's. 

Your strength is your gun, which is quite nice for a tier 6 with solid DPM for its tier/alpha. 
Positioning: Stay away from the frantic brawls, as your reload time puts you at a disadvantage. But, you CAN brawl it out as you can trade MUCH better than most tier 6 MTs given your alpha. So, control the pacing of the engagement to ensure you're ALWAYS loaded when the enemy can peek again. Ambushing HTs and TDs are ideal, while working against MT's and LTs can really suck since they can usually shoot you twice to your 1. 

Open maps, position like a squishy HT. You're not looking to scout, but you are looking to deal damage. You're an active 2nd line tank: punish those who poke and expose too far

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The recent buff to the gun's penetration means it's not as reliant at firing HEAT at anything but tier 7 and 8 heavy tanks. More often than not you'll want to have a healthy supply of HEAT for oppai heavy tanks.

Even then you really need to let the gun aim at most ranges short of point blank, and when at close range you really do need to make that shot count.

When getting into a brawl, choose your engagement. Ideally never go alone, but nothing is ever ideal. As often as possible ensure that your engagements end as quickly as possible, since you have no armor and will have trouble sustaining through attrition.

The speed is good, good enough for those short burst of speeds you need to either get close to finish off a tank, but don't expect to circle anything with a turret, as a combination of its size and not-bad-but-not-fantastic turn speed limits your dogfighting


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On ‎05‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 4:39 AM, catak said:

Yes. If you've got one handy:)


here you go sir , my fitment is rammer , enhanced gun-laying drive ( drive down aim time ) and coated optics ( spot them and fire on them before they spot you )

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The good news is that if you can master playing this,  you get to play pretty much the exact same tank 2 tiers up as the TVP VTU. I recommend saving free xp if you are grinding the main line.

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