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T95 3 mark challenge, rip me (COMPLETE)

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So both @Gandaran & @SchnitzelTruck said fuck it to the T95 3 marks after a few games

but now I have mine

And those last 20 people who walked off that cliff died, but you see I'm special so I will be fine :gaytroll:

I will be starting off with the 120mm gun with straight apcr, my canabalized e5 crew and full prem consumables and have 2.5 mil credits to burn today. Will be switching to top gun once I unlock it and may or may not change back depending on how it goes.


-3,000+ damage per game 

-65%+ win rate

-Avoid the urge to teamkill arty/myself 

-3 marks in sub 150 games

-actually getting the marks


I will be streaming all the games I play in it to twitch and the first stream should be up about the same time this is posted at https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit

3 mark stats

119 games (finished 3 marks in 118)

66% win rate




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it has been done

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You 3 marked entire Jap heavy line from tier 7

You 3 marked pre buff Challenger

You 3 marked TOG

You 3 marked even fucking Churchill GC and T28

So you have 3 marked slow tanks, simply utter shit tanks, slow casemate tanks and other stuff.

Now you need to combine all of those. Utter shit casemate that is slowest in the game.


This is like ultimate final boss. You can do after all the shit above. I believe in you.

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I have considered 3 marking the T95 waswell, reason to not do it:

  • T95 is arty food

That said, it should be ``possible``

I played T95 solo (since nobody wanted to platoon it :P ) and it was back then (3 years ago) not that bad, i even wrote a ``guide``


My winrate dropped a bit though, 61% after 200 games (it was 63% i think), i was back then a bit better as player, and the game was more in favour of T95 (tunnel maps are not good for T95, you need open camp maps)

I think you can do it, just prepare for the worst :P

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1 hour ago, BlackAdder said:

Patch 0.7.5

When camo was thing and no gold rounds. When they introduced physics? I don't remember clearly. 

The actual armor was also better, HD made the previously stalanium level tracks into butter 

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19 hours ago, zapyoug said:


It's not even so much that the tank was bad i just stopped playing Tanks all together. (It stresses me out these days and i don't need/want that stress in my life atm).


Loaded up 1 game last night, 7 TDs 2 arty per side. Camp fest incarnate. Team suicides and noone besides me even broke 3k damage. Rather play Overwatch or CSGO, so that's what i did.

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