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Started playing this with my gaming group last weekend, it's really good. It's a tabletop skirmish game similar to something like Necromunda or Mordheim. The setting is a mix of Wild-West and grimy Victorian Steampunk with a bit of occultism thrown in.

The main difference between this and other tabletop skirmish games is that a pack of cards is used as the RNG. You're encouraged to get the 'official' cards, but everything can be translated to use just a normal Poker deck. Instead of rolling dice to hit, you deal from the top of your deck, with higher numbers meaning higher rolls; you can also activate special abilities by getting the correct suit.


The best mechanic in all this is your 'cheat fate deck'. You draw 6 cards at the beginning of each turn and you can choose to 'cheat fate' any time you deal by replacing the card you drew with a better one from your 'cheat deck'. This has the effect of giving you advance notice of how your dice rolls are going to go, so you can better plan; if you draw a good cheat deck, then you know you can push forward with an attack without worrying as much that a carp dice roll at the wrong moment will fuck it up. Conversely, if you draw a bad cheat deck you can spend that turn playing more defensively with less 'but what if I had....?' thoughts making you do something stupid.





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I really like this game. The miniatures are gorgeous (if a bit fragile, they have fussy bits on them.) And the game rules are simple while the possibilities are endless. Plus, making terrain for the game is really fun.

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On 03/08/2016 at 8:11 PM, Sabocat said:

The miniatures are gorgeous (if a bit fragile, they have fussy bits on them.)

You're not kidding, you need tweezers to put some of them together. It's interesting that the artist's drawings on the box-art uses the same CAD models as the actual sculpts, so you really are getting exactly what's on the box.


I love the way using cards rather than D6s makes for a much larger spread of values, allowing for the low/moderate/high damage thing.

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