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1900+/54% player has scotch, needs people to drink with

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So I'm a "decent" player who hasn't had great luck with clans.  My first clan, KIMBO, would up disbanding due to internal politics, and my last clan, NAG, promised constant improvement and competitive battles but stagnated in a similar manner.  I really just want a place where I can log onto the TS and it's full of skilled people who have a good time playing the game.  If there is a clan out there that would take in someone with minor calling experience and a wide variety of tanks, then send a PM and I'd love to hop on and play some games with ya.  WL signature placed below for reference.


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Check out GGM. You bring the scotch, I'll bring the cigars. Hanz will bring the wimminz.


Small clan, going to grow, 1600 min iirc, but most ppl 1800+ recent. Tight knit group, platooning every night till we get enough to do stronks regularly.

I don't have the TS3 at the moment (on phone), but will drop you a PM. Come, platoon with us. Can't guarantee wins, but can guarantee hilarity and good times.


Millard can guarantee wins... me... not so much.

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o7 Mat

Giftzahn, if you like strongs, clan wars, etc. check our tier 6 ROHAN or tier 8 GONDR. We could use a player like you.

We're a no-drama, no-bullshit environment.

EDIT: I just realized that this post is like 2 weeks old. Well, anyone else interested should hit us up

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Consider CarteL.  We are looking for active players to participate in clan stuff.  Contact our recruiter GKGato if you would like to talk a bit.

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