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On 12/28/2016 at 8:03 AM, JOC469 said:

That was part of the problem that no doubt frustrated Badhouse and Lion - they expected a level of synchronicity akin to being in TCZ, with players that had not played many games together. Consistent teams were not often chosen, and other teamwork activities were not practiced prior.

Probably the most frustrating thing about it, is that they didn't take accountability for it before or during the campaign. Badhouse's solution was to kick players after a bad game leaving the clan short that night, and threaten others with the same fate. Lion instead chose to start a new clan, after they hadn't been bothered with their current one prior to the campaign.

That last camp was the worst experience I've had in clan wars to date, and I've been in red clans... In red clans you can expect no synchronicity between players, I expected people to at least know how to follow an order and understand mechanics.

  • Don't chai snipe
  • share hp
  • rotate your tank
  • look for low hp tanks
  • have prem consumables etc

I had to tell people  on numerous occasions to do all of these things and it pissed me off to the point where my Psychologist told me I had to stop. I had to stop mid way through tier 10 because of how shit Omega was during the campaign. I find out later that we had recruited JP and KR only speaking players so they literally could not understand me which only infuriated me more after the campaign as it could have all been avoided. I would have worked better with green's than the pub stars we had.


On 12/28/2016 at 8:09 AM, HemanathanRX7 said:

Well that's what happens when for the most part people don't want to kick in-actives and recruit actives well ahead of the campaign. I did not account for this problem (among others) because I've never done anything before this campaign other than turn up every battle for a month straight and get the tank.

I put blame on a lot of people in the campaign, including myself for not listening to myself and stop playing after tier 8. There is partial fault in your recruitment but only because the players were not vetted before allowing them in aka making them play in SH as legionaries so our callers at the time could weed out the shitters. 


On 12/27/2016 at 8:50 PM, HemanathanRX7 said:

if they didn't stick around for most of the campaign i don't consider them as having helped thanks.

I risked my tank so i could make sure as many people got the tank, yes i had a tank license if i wanted probably but i don't really care about either the t95e6 or 121B(still haven't chosen either) so i would have probably not taken it anyway. Halfway through i was pretty pissed and wanted to get a license for having tried my best to recruit actives who actually will turn up for eastern(and end up fucking up the western ggggg) but the effort the players put(who somehow magically could start winning under roby and shybear, its almost as if they got used to playing together after coming over just before the campaign) was not something that should be wasted i feel.

They helped out as much as they could until they did what was best for them and left for a less stressful/shit clan. I'm hoping HODOR isn't a massive waste of time but we're getting things running soon so should be fun

On 12/28/2016 at 6:48 PM, Nutkase said:

The writing was on the wall as soon as the Campaign started to be honest and bailed after seeing how bad people played in T6.

Tier 10 was worse... much much worse....

On 12/29/2016 at 7:05 AM, JOC469 said:

The funniest thing was seeing people NOT turn up to tier 6 (and tier 8)because they thought they were too good for it and it was below them, and when the mad multipliers failed to eventuate in tier X they missed out on a tank. Yet the players that turned up for tiers 6 and 8 didn't have to bother with tier X

I told people not to do it, but I was a shitty green that came top 3 in clan for fame. Most of the others that joined in late didn't get shit.

On 12/29/2016 at 11:07 AM, JOC469 said:

Be that as it may, players could still earn FP quite easily. I actually think that tier 6 is a lot less forgiving than the higher tiers. It is more dynamic due to the smaller team sizes, and requires coordination. It is also harder to overcome camp strats so requires greater use/abuse of vision mechanics. 

Tier 6  is cancer. If you run Cromwells you have HP but no armor or accuracy. If you run T37's you have no HP or armor but have accuracy, if you run O-I's you have Armor and HP but no speed or vision. 

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