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7th Panzer Recruiting Thread

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Hello there fellow Tankers! Are you looking for a new clan?

Well your in luck because 7th Panzer is recruiting! 

Yes that's right! We are currently recruiting players with an overall wn8 of 1000 and a recent of 1600+.  We also require  3 CW ready teir 8s! 

So if you fit the requirements, what do you have to look forward to when you join the clan? Well let me tell you we got a whole bunch of stuff everyone enjoys:

  • First off, we got Stronks! Now, who doesn't like Stronks? I sure never met anyone that doesn't like them yet;
  • Secondly, we got CW! I mean, of course we got CW, who doesn't love them also?;
  • Third, we have tournaments. Free gold is free gold! I can't complain about that;

One of the best things a clan can also do is training. Yes of course! Everyone needs to improve to become a true stet pedder. We hold training's 2-3 times a week. We train from scouting to angling with everything else in between.  

So now, let's say your dying to get in on this action! Well, all you have to do is simply PM me or specialk300. If you fit the requirements you will be accepted right away! 

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