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Introducing: FaceIt on WoT NA

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I'm surprised that @_Dia @Exasmic @Oxmathus or anyone in Bulba hasn't made a thread about this yet. I'm probably the guy that knows the least about this. 

Faceit is a new-ish 3rd party website that uses the WoT API to schedule special battles in WGL's 7/68 format on the fly. And you can play this solo, in a party, or as an entire group of 7 much like team battles. In the Unranked ladder you can play it just like teambattles, but what makes faceit different is that not only does it BAN ARTY from use; it also does weekly and daily tournaments in the form of Faceit points which can be used for anything such as buying WoT Gold to buying Gaming chairs or CSGO skins. The tournaments are pretty cool because you can have 1v1 tournaments and I think they're doing a weekly $1,000 tournament too. (Can't confirm if it's every week) Winning team gets $700 and 2nd Place gets $300. Faceit has been in I guess you could call it a "beta" period for NA as it's already on EU. Also you can use reward tanks like the T22 and 907.

All you gotta do is sign up here:

(Will add more pics later)



Once you do that you hit add game on the left where it says games and be sure to add WoT NA

Also make sure you're logged into the account you wish to play faceit on! 

(I logged into my shitposting forum account and I had to make a new account)

Now with your World of Tanks client OPEN 

You'll come to a page that says Play and then be confronted with this interface:


Afaik the ladder you pick shouldn't matter as long as it's unranked.

And you'll hit battle if you're solo or the party/team lead and be put in a queue til a match is found

At which point you will accept said match like in LoL and then the 2 team "captains" will ban maps until they get to the last one.

Then in your WoT client a Special Battle will appear and just join it and you're all set.

It's similar for the tournaments and I think if you want to register for them all you have to do is sign up an hour before they start lol.

And lastly the ladders do serve a purpose for both Elo and Ladder ranking because whoever is at the top gets a bunch of faceit points that they can then turn into 10k gold.

Shop Link:



Will add edits as need be and like I said before I'm the last person that should've made this thread when many other bulba players want it to grow and are also active -_-

So try it out and if you like it make a team because Faceit is good for those of us sick of the terribleness of pubs and want something finally similar to skill based MM. The more people that play; the more people that match your elo and skill level will be on your team.


***Moderation*** As far as toxic behavior goes you have to realize that the Faceit mods are a mix of both WG employees and Ex-WGL players. So if you bring toxicity to the table it will be much more strict and you're not dealing with dumbass forum mods. So pull any shit and you can most likely kiss your ass goodbye. It's setup like WGL for a reason. Keep a tight lip and get dank goaldz and $$$, be toxic and get kicked the curb like JessicaElbow. 

Good Luck Guys!

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I should also mention that this mode isn't like training rooms and does have experience/credit income so you wont break the bank unless gold spam. And the battles have 0 effect on stats so for those of you who aren't that good at WoT you can come here and not only play against the best, but also learn from the best. Take note of o7 Gaming's legendary map positions or Oxmathus' Bullshit E100 or maybe even AM60's truly inspiring 6 Batchat rush.

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I had an issue where I couldn't join a friend's team on NA because my IP is in the EU. Not sure if it happens with random queue but I figure I'll just wait a week to get back.

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Damn, this sounds fun.

I can club all those terrible fail teals on asia:doge: KAPPA

Those with xvm camo rejoice?:ohnyes:

Hope it comes to Asia, but then i doubt so, only EU, RU and NA have enough goods who still give a shit about this game(or aren't rigging trash like most Vietnamese clans/players or inactive English speakers)

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Made account. Was sitting in que, had to leave so exited que. It glitched out, tried to log back in. Now I can't access my account or anything.....help me?


EDIT: there was an issue with there servers. It's all fixed now and I'm in


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It is fun but solo queues got ruined by pubbies literally the second DeadZone started streaming it and it spread like wildfire, at first it was literally FAME/3XR/S3AL/SANTI/OMNI playing exclusively so you could do random solo queues but always get matched up with a decent FC and 5 other guys that knew what they were doing at least. It was super fun like that. Literally random battles but coordinated, the ideal of WoT. Now you have to do premade or get ebola :feelsbad: 

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Might have to check this out, pubs are giving me ball cancer recently but I still want to pew pew in my tanks.


ETA:, Fuck it, signed up. This has got to be better then pubs.

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