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Returning to game... a question on limited play for blue player

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I am returning to WOT... I can only play a limited amount of time.. what TD's and heavies are 'blue' friendly so I can get the most out of my enjoyment? I guess I need at least tanks that are average or even semi OP ... I am not a great player.. but not an idiot either.. my play style is somewhat layed back and will be aggressive when I see openings but cannot create openings and play 'fast' .. thanks. .. EDIT this is for tier 5-10

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Since the last time you were probably here, the already meta IS3 did for some godforsaken reason receive a massive armor buff putting most of the front at 210+ with essentially no weak points alongside even more turret armor and spaced armor strength on the side, BECAUSE RUSSIA . You literally cannot fail in it regardless of brain damage. the new HD e5 is quite idiotproof as well if thats what your into.

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9 hours ago, Mark_Chopper_Read said:

iam finding the meta weird... cant camp anymore with TD's unless very specific map.. game seems 'faster'  more zerg like... iam I wrong or seeing things.. games are ending faster.

ehh i dunno about na server, but at least it aint sea server meta.

But IS3 is actually retarded, gof or it. for tds, mebbe isu152, or the new german tier 8 prem td.

Kv1, tiger 1, e75 are all good and relatively blue friendly. You really can't go wrong with good tanks, unless its a 50 100 playing solo (in which case its not that good).


In terms of non td/heavies (i like fast tenks more)

Cromwell/b is also fun for running around in like a complete idiot, yet still wrecking face in.

Fv304 if you like cancer (though i play it to farm pubbie tears).

Elc or chaffee are hilarious.

The new high tier Czech tanks are op apparently too.

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On 8/19/2016 at 1:49 PM, Mark_Chopper_Read said:

cant camp anymore with TD's unless very specific map.. game seems 'faster'  more zerg like... iam I wrong or seeing things.. games are ending faster.

You are spot on with your observations.  Most of the good camping spots were removed from the maps, or the firing lanes broken up to prevent long distance TD sniping.  Engagement ranges are shorter meaning vision and camo matter less.  Super unicums regularly suggest putting repairs on mediums before camo these days and opting for improvements to gun handling over optics.


On 5/10/2016 at 7:46 PM, CraBeatOff said:

They chopped up all the maps into separate areas which cannot easily be supported by the other areas. Before on Redshire you had 1 fight where anyone in the 700m draw box could fire and it was a slow spotfest to see who could break the camp. Same with swamp and pretty much every other non city map.

Now we have mutually exclusive lanes. MM picks some tanks, those tanks distribute and the fights play out on a smaller more intense scale. Lanchester's Laws come into play very quickly and very soon any mismatched flank has fallen and is moving to crush a stagnated flank or else chasing the blob on the other side which also rolled hard. 

In the old days, a good player who knew all the firing lanes could influence both those flanks. Or quickly move to shore up the weak one. But not anymore. Those lanes are mostly gone and generally only useful after a smaller engagement has been won. You can get "exit damage" but nothing that really helps during the fight.

Of course arty can still shoot everywhere and create immediate influence, but that's generally a random element or targeted directly at the good players and so not helpful at all at controlling game flow.

Whole thread is here:


Richard Nixon explained in the thread that matches are statistically shorter on the new city maps and some of the reworked maps like El Halluf.

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Yeah, you spend two minutes winning your engagement and then look at the minimap to see all your team has died. 

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