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NA refugee lfc and lfp [EU]

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This is a "looking for clan" / "looking for platoon-mates" thread.


Before calling me a yankee, or talking to me about trump/hillary: I'm canadian. So I don't want to hear about the insane things my neighbors from the south consider as "viable presidential candidates".


Now: I don't have many games, and my stats aren't stellar (2400-2600 WN8), sorry about that, but I'm trying to figure out how to play my normally aggressive gameplay on EU, where I have a ping varying around 300-400ms. (like, it does not work right now, and I'm working on changing how I used to play on NA... Because screw 400ms ping, it's pure hell)


I won't necessarily play at the same hours as you guys usually do (heck, we kind of have 5 or 6 time-zones of difference), but I'll slowly play, just can't guarantee anything. ( I have a few tier 8 prems if you don't like the low tier grind)


Anyway, contact me here or by pm please. I just can't stand the solo pub for a long streak of games and need support.


BTW, having purple XVM overall on EU, with low battle counts, means I'm getting shot by my teammates at the beginning of every fifth battle or so... RIP.

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